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Forex Trading Tips

Information on the Forex Market and Forex Trading Tips


Forex Trading Platforms Explained - Fx Trading Pro

In order to trade currency pairs, you need a broker, who places the trades on the market for you, and an electronic forex trading platform which executes your trades and communicates them to the broker.

How to use Leverage in Forex - Fx Trading Pro

In Europe and in the US, leverage in forex is capped by the regulators, but there’s plenty of room for most traders. If you invest $2,000 in forex trading, and you deposit on your MT5 platform, with your broker, you are actually making trades in much larger amounts than that.

Why you need a Forex Trading Plan - Fx Trading Pro

Anyone who starts trading forex immediately realizes that there are a lot of factors involved and that a trader has to look at them all. The Forex Trading Plan helps you to make sure that you’ve left nothing out, and that you are pursuing your trading according to the strategy you want to use.

Forex Trading versus Stock Trading - Fx Trading Pro

The main takeaway you should get from this blog is that forex trading is very different from stock trading. The logic is fundamentally different, and the factors to consider are not of the same order.

The Importance of the Forex Economic Calendar - Fx Trading Pro

Currencies have value because they are part of the economic system in a given country – so events, economic and political, and environmental can affect the value of a national currency.

Understanding Automated Forex Trading and Forex Robots - Fx Trading Pro

One of the greatest threats to your ability to succeed in forex trading is your emotions. No trader can entirely control worry, fear, and greed – and each of these is liable to lead you into error when you are making a trade.

An Introduction to Forex News Trading - Fx Trading Pro

One of the surest forex trading strategies is trading on the news. Forex markets almost invariably react to certain types of news, although the reaction can be unexpected. With experience, however, Forex news trading offers an excellent trading strategy.

What is an ECN Broker? - Fx Trading Pro

Suppose you want to bet the euro against the dollar? You take $10,000 and buy euros at $1.25. The price is fixed by the bid and ask mechanism. And you would expect to pay the broker a spread based on trading conditions for the market maker.

Forex Trading Sessions Explained - Fx Trading Pro

(be careful to watch for any changes in your region to Daylight Savings Time, or other points when the clock is moved forward or backward).

Should you use MT4 or MT5? - Fx Trading Pro

One of the most challenging decisions a new forex trader has to make is to choose an electronic forex trading platform. Many brokers offer users a choice, although many only provide access to either MetaTrader 4 or Metatrader 5 (MT4 and MT5).

Top Five Trading Strategies in 2018 - Fx Trading Pro

A trading strategy is a pattern- or trend-based approach to forex trading, in which certain specific aspects of the market are relied on for probable trading direction.

The Best Kept Secrets About Managed Forex Accounts - Fx Trading Pro

Managed forex accounts mean that a manager will handle trading for you. A manager is like an investment advisor, except that in forex, the manager will simply make trades without discussing them with you – there’s no time on the forex market for the kind of discussion that goes on between an investment advisor

How is Technical Analysis used in Forex Trading? - Fx Trading Pro

Technical trading sounds, well, very technical. But it’s actually incredibly dynamic because it’s based on human psychology – it’s all about market sentiment.

The Best Forex Risk Management Practices - Fx Trading Pro

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Trading forex involves taking risks. A good trader does everything possible to manage risks, but no trader, not even one who uses an artificial intelligence instead of a human one, can make forex trading completely risk free. But a skilled trader uses forex risk management