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Things to do in Tunisia - For the adventurers!

Tunisia is a country that attracts all genres of travellers. The attractions in this country are mostly located in the waters in the north and in the deserts of the south. Here's a list of the top destinations you should not miss out on in your Tunisian travels.


Scuba diving

In the north, brace yourself for a water-filled adventure. Scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports in the north, offering a once in a lifetime experience underneath the azure Mediterranean waters. The coastal waters of Tabaka are proud of its incredible coral reefs, shipwrecks from World War II and large schools of colourful fish. The months to explore these waters are generally from June to October, with Zembra and La Galite offering you an outstanding time underwater.



Another exciting water sport in the north is windsurfing and you can find institutes along the coast offering lessons for the beginners as well as the intermediate levelled individuals. Djerba island is an ideal location for windsurfing due to its shallow water levels and relaxing beaches. The Sidi Bou Said port, on the other hand, is a challenging environment where International windsurfing tournaments take place. For windsurfing and kitesurfing, the months from December to April provide ideal conditions.



Tunisia offers exciting hiking tours which you must take part in. Part of the tour comprises of visiting the longest ever Roman aqueduct. Some tours operate by providing transportation from your hotel and even offer drop-offs to the place of stay. To your delight, you can choose excursions that offer overnight stays camping in the Bedouin desert. There are a number of hotels in Tunis, offering accommodation. For instance, hotels like The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts is conveniently located twenty minutes' drive away from the Tunis-Carthage International Airport.


Horseback riding

How about a horseback riding tour? Well, Tunisia offers these too. You can choose for a half day tour or even ones that extend for three days. If it's a day tour, lunch and water will be provided to you. For longer tours, full board lodgings and accommodation will be part of the package. If you want to explore Tunisia's hills, mountains, and oak forests, then the ideal times would be from March to October where weather conditions are warm and pleasant. If Tunisia's Sahara Desert in the south is part of your itinerary, then you should opt to go on tours from October to March where weather conditions are cooler.


Bird watching

If you love love bird watching, then Tunisia's Lac Ichkeul National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the best bird watching region in the country. You can witness pink flamingos, yellow-legged gulls, sandpipers and European bird species that make stopovers in Tunisia during their annual migration.


Roman ruins

During your travels to this north African country, you can explore Roman ruins. If you are history buff, then this will a dream destination for you. Tours generally operate by including half board lodgings and accommodations as part of their package. You will travel in land cruisers to explore the Carthage and Bulla Regia along ancient Roman Empire roads.