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Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc.

We give you the opportunity to achieve financial security and protection with the best available insurance coverage at the most affordable price.

North Carolina | National Insurance Associates, Inc.

We give you the opportunity to achieve financial security and protection with the best available insurance coverage at the most affordable price.

Understanding the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Our seasoned national insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina can help you.

5 Must-Know Details About ACA Open Enrollment

A reputable source of insurance services in North Carolina, has prepared the following must-know details that you should know about ACA.

National Insurance Associates | High Point, NC

We are National Insurance Associates in High Point, NC whose entire mission is to make sure our clients get the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: 5 Facts to Know

Are you on the market for renowned national insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina? Agencies like National Insurance Associates, Inc. are able to provide you sufficient information on the Medicare Annual Enrollment period so you can pick a health insurance plan that suits you best.

Here’s What You Must Know about the ACA Open Enrollment

When searching for high-quality insurance services in North Carolina, you won’t have to look farther than National Insurance Associates, Inc. Our professionals can provide ample information on the ACA Open Enrollment, which is crucial for consumers when selecting the right health insurance.

3 Reasons Why You Need Health Insurance

When it comes down to the many different kinds of insurance services in North Carolina, one of the most important is health insurance. This kind of insurance is designed to ensure you have the financial resources you need to pay for medical facilities and services in the event of an emergency. You never know when you or a family member will need to be rushed to the hospital and medical care is not cheap.

What You Need to Know in Finding Good Health Insurance

There is a lot that goes in finding exceptional health insurance. This is because there are many different kinds of health insurance services in North Carolina and none of them is made equal. Some of these insurance companies will provide you with better services and rates than others. Depending on your needs and what you are looking for, it is important to take your time and find the best health insurance for you.

Why You Should Get Life Insurance Early

Life insurance is something that few of us consider early on in life. After all, passing away or becoming severely disabled is something that is seldom on our minds. But it does happen. This is a difficult topic for most of us but it is something we all need to consider before it is too late or too expensive.

Get Health Insurance before it’s Too Late!

Health insurance is one of the most important types of insurance services in North Carolina. This kind of insurance will ensure that you have the financial resources you need for medical services. And we all know how expensive hospital fees can get, especially for surgical operations. We never know when will need to be rushed to the hospital because anything can happen at any time and for that reason, we need to be prepared.

4 Qualities You Should Look For in an Insurance Agent

Signing up for a health insurance plan isn’t just all about understanding what the details entail, but it is also about working with the right agent. After all, how will you be able to determine what you need and how much you should be spending when you don’t have someone to guide you? Having an amiable insurance agent makes all the difference. They will give you an easier time in obtaining healthcare insurance that exactly coincides with your needs.

Buying Health Insurance? Here Are Things to Consider

Health insurance is not a cheap investment, but it is something that will greatly benefit you in the long run. However, that also doesn’t mean that you should just sign yourself up for a plan and be done with it. You might end up with something that is too expensive or doesn’t really cater to your needs.

Critical Illness Plans Can Save Fortunes and Lives

At National Insurance Associates, Inc., we have seen the dire need for health insurance in the United States. In developing insurance plans for various individuals, one of the most sought-after health plans is associated with critical illness coverage. According to research on chronic diseases, more than 133 million Americans or 45% of the U.S. Population have at least one critical illness. These diseases include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer among others that are leading causes of death throughout the country.

Insurance for Employee Retention & Satisfaction

A survey done in 2016 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that having well-rounded benefits highly affect employee retention and satisfaction. Employees these days are not merely taking into account the monthly payroll but the entire compensation that includes health benefits. National Insurance Associates, Inc., a group of national insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina, puts Group Health Insurance in high regard.

4 Must-Have Types of Insurance

Insurance helps protect you from uncertainties and offers peace of mind. There is an insurance policy to cover almost anything that can happen, but there are some you should prioritize more than others. The bigger your purchases and achievements, the warier you need to be about uncertainties. Make sure to provide a solid safety net for yourself and the most important people in your life.

Car Insurance: Helping You Go the Extra Mile

Auto insurance may set you back a considerable amount, but the advantages of being covered will be well worth it. This type of insurance protects you financially, and consequently, mentally, if you ever find yourself involved in an accident, and is one of the major policies you need to have to achieve financial security. Auto insurance may seem simple enough to understand, but when put into practice, certain parts can get confusing.

Making the Most Out of Your Insurance Policy

Your financial security is indeed a priority. After all, you need money to be able to buy your needs. You can also look after your family’s needs. A job will help you gain money that you can use to meet your basic needs. Along with finances, you also need to secure your health. Without good health, you may miss work and have no salary.

5 Tips to Saving Money on Your Health Insurance

The state of your health is linked to your financial security. The healthier you are, the more capable you are of earning a living. When you are healthy, you dedicate your time to those people who are important to you. Yet, when your health is on the line, your finances may also start to dwindle. You and your family need protection in case your health declines. One way to do so is to have health insurance. The cost of health insurance can vary.

Essential Insurance Types for Married People

Getting married is one of the life milestones almost everyone is looking forward to achieving. The idea of having awesome kids and a well-off life planned together are all worthy goals. But preparation is required to achieve a successful married life. An effective way to prepare is to get apt insurance types. Even before the ceremony, refer to insurance agents from National Insurance Associates in High Point, North Carolina to help you choose the right policy.

The 2 Core Factors That Affect Long-Term Financial Security

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy financial independence and a well-off life, right? But the journey toward this promising is a long and arduous one. Discipline and literacy are required to achieve these high goals. But there’s nothing impossible to achieve if you have experts from National Insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina by your side doing the financial planning and execution with you.

Must-Know Facts About the Medicare AEP

Having a Medicare plan is your assurance that you will be covered in times when you need medical assistance. It offers peace of mind and financial security not only for you, but for your family as well. To enroll in a Medicare plan, you must first meet the requirements on or before the Annual Enrollment Period. Before joining, you must first understand a few things about the Annual Enrollment Period or AEP.

Things to Do During the Medicare AEP

Changes to your Medicare plans should be made within the specified periods, depending on the type of policy you have. For the Medicare Advantage plan and Medicare prescription drug plans, you typically have to wait for the Annual Open Enrollment Period (AEP) before you can change, enroll, or disenroll from the plan you have. For changes brought about due to these reasons, you don't have to wait for the AEP. You can apply for changes during the Special Enrollment Period.

Who Doesn’t Have the Qualifications for Medicare?

Medicare is an essential insurance plan to have to save on your healthcare costs. With this policy, you and your family can enjoy financial security even when the difficult times come. However, before you can obtain any of the insurance policies offered by Medicare, you need to qualify for it. Your qualification determines what you can avail and how much premium you have to pay.

Special Enrollment vs. Open Enrollment: What to Know

There are a few weeks to a few months in a year where Medicare sets an open enrollment. The open enrollment allows employees to make changes to their Medicare insurance policies, including their health insurance, life insurance, or vision and dental care. With Medicare, electing certain types of benefits during the annual enrollment means you will be bound to those benefits for the entire year. You can only make changes if you meet the criteria for exceptions.

Medicare: What to Do When You Made the Wrong Choice

Being able to enroll in Medicare is one of the benefits the government has to offer. Through Medicare, you can enjoy quality healthcare at a lower cost, as well as more financial security. Doctor's visits and medication are more budget-friendly if you obtain the right Medicare plan for yourself. It can be exciting once you have enrolled yourself in Medicare insurance services in North Carolina. However, there are cases when you realize that the plan you enrolled in is not appropriate for your circumstances. You may have chosen by basing it on inaccurate information.