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What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is the medical treatment of substance abuse. Qualified medical professionals evaluate the behavioral health issues or co-occurring disorders to get to the trigger of addiction. There are several different treatment modalities including, alcohol detox, opiate detox, residential, intensive outpatient and sober living. There is a combination of these at drug rehabs that is different for each individuals needs.


What is Drug Rehab?

What is Drug Rehab?

A drug rehab is a rehabilitation facility that has qualified medical staff to address the issues of substance abuse. The main areas provide medical care in opiate detox, alcohol detox, inpatient, intensive outpatient, and sober homes. A drug rehab provides the tools to address the underlying issues of substance abuse. They should be giving relapse prevention skills to help individuals fight again relapse.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence shares that alcoholism does not stem from how long someone has been drinking or his or her alcohol of choice. Instead, alcoholism is rooted in a lack of willpower and a craving for the substance, equal to that of needing food or water. Denial is a typical response when considering the idea of whether you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction. However, the sooner signs of abuse are detected and addressed, the easier it is to regain control of your life through various forms of alcohol treatment.

Why are drug rehabs needed?

Drug rehab is needed due to the consumption of excessive alcohol in 2010 cost the US $249 billion or roughly $2.05 per drink consumed as reported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Young adults and college students are the largest users of drug and alcohol. This burden in the US resulted in losses in college enrollment, workplace productivity, health care expenses, the justice system, auto accidents and damages to property. A whopping $2 out of every $5 of the economic costs of excessive alcohol use were paid by federal, state and local government. These are only the numbers for binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined for women as four or more drinks per occasion or five or more for men.

The same CDC report shows drug rehabs New Jersey are needed area for drug rehabilitation. New Jersey is an area for concern of drug and alcohol misuse in the US. South Jersey has many attractions and high-quality collegiate institutions. This combined with historical sites, museums, art galleries, and prominent venues contribute to Jersey’s charm. The diversity of the city goes beyond its residents’ cultural backgrounds and extends into the places that attract tourists from across the globe.

Drug Rehabs Needed Due to Increased Risk

The chances an individual becoming addicted to drug and alcohol is based on several factors. The Mayo Clinic identifies alcohol misuse factors as genetic, psychological, social and environmental. For example, if an individual’s family has a history of alcoholism then he or she will have an increased risk of becoming an addict. An individual also has an increased risk of becoming an addict if he or she has a mental illness and uses alcohol to self-medicate. Social and cultural factors can also be the root of many alcohol disorders as an individual is pressured by family members or peers to consume large amounts of alcohol or binge drink on a regular basis. This is why drug rehabs Boston rehabilitation services are needed their and across the US are needed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a drink consists of 12-ounces of beer, 8-ounces of malt liquor, 5-ounces of wine or 1.5-ounces of distilled liquor (vodka, whiskey, etc…). Excessive drinking for women 4 or more drinks on one occasion, or for men 5 or more. Heavy drinking is defined as 8 or more drinks per week for women, and 15 or more drinks per week for men. While moderate drinking is one drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men.

What are the signs of Needing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Picking up on the signs of drug or alcohol addiction can save a loved one’s life or your own life. Knowing the drug slang terms teens are using can tip parents off on drug use. The following are some of the key signs of drug addiction and alcoholism. When reading through the signs, honestly analyze each point so you can accurately determine whether you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism and needs to seek treatment. Drug use disorder is classified by being mild, moderate or severe. The severity of alcohol use disorder is based on the symptoms one is experiencing;

• Not being able to limit the amount of alcohol or drugs consumed
• Unsuccessful attempt to reduce how much you drink
• The amount of time-consuming, obtaining drugs and alcohol or recovering from the aftermath of misuse
• Uncontrollable urges to drink alcohol or consume drugs
• Failing to fulfill work or job obligations
• Needing alcohol or drugs to relax
• Drinking or taking drugs alone or in secrecy
• A decline in school grades
• Family obligations neglected or declining
• Continuing the use of drugs or alcohol when it’s causing physical and social problems
• Not participating, or a reduction in hobbies, work activities, and social interactions
• Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• You have developed a tolerance for alcohol or drugs causing you to need more to feel its effects
• You Experience withdrawal symptoms including shaking, nausea, sweating
• Drinking more or taking more drugs to avoid the withdrawal symptoms

What Types of Drug Rehabs Are Available?

There are several different types of options from drug rehabs in California to Florida. The ones with the best drug rehab marketing consultants are winning. For instance, drug rehab marketing by individuals like Charles Davis are leaps and bounds ahead on educating with their advertising strategies. Individuals needs to know about the services from the best inpatient substance abuse addiction treatment on the East Coast. You need to look across the United states and find a facility that fits your needs. Whatever your option a customized treatment plan must be put into place by the addiction treatment center. Getting educated on evidence-based addiction treatment with providing the best options when seeking alcohol addiction treatment in New Jersey. Some of the addiction treatment options include;

• Residential Addiction Treatment
• Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
• Intensive Out-Patient Treatment (IOP)
Opiate detox West Palm Beach
• Sober Homes

Drug Rehab Adult Rehabilitation Programs

When seeking a drug rehab be careful to check out their staff. This is critical to ensure you get the best treatment especial during the initial phase of addiction treatment. During the initial phase of rehabilitation they should teach you how to become characters of action. They focus on undertaking many simple daily tasks such as cleanliness, personal hygiene, and physical health.

The center should carefully guide you along their proven treatment program. Their team of case managers assists every step of the way providing the needed planning, communication and guidance. This helps take care of any outstanding issues outside the drug rehabilitation program that stands in the way of their recovery process.

What is the Drug Rehab Experience?

These are essential drug rehab steps in order to start living a healthy, sober lifestyle. They help to ease anxiety and restore order in daily life. Phase one is extremely important. The preliminary phase of the program focuses on peer to peer relationship building and making healthy lifestyle choices a part of a sober life. All these lifestyle changes begin immediately upon admission. These changes are in conjunction with an extensive evaluation, treatment plan development and assessment of individual needs. Clients are given the best opportunity to begin to respect themselves and the people around them. This allows them to move forward and grow toward success.

Get the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Help You Need

Patients attending drug rehabs in Florida and anywhere in the United States need to demonstrate the values necessary to move onto the next phase of treatment. They are simultaneously given more responsibility for themselves and less restriction on their time. On this phase of treatment, clients will begin to re-enter society and school. At this point, clients begin to attain and build confidence and future goals. All the while still actively practicing the principles from the previous phase of addiction treatment.

This gives every individual a defined incentive to take advantage of new opportunities for work and education. It is in this phase that case managers begin to assist clients in three critical areas.

• resume construction
• job interview training
• educational enrollment assistance

These milestone areas are for those looking to move forward toward stability and financial independence.

Substance Abuse Treatment Life Long Journey

Addiction recovery must always be top of mind for many individuals. After successfully completing the first two phases of drug rehab, clients are then stepped down to the lowest level of treatment. Here, clients have minimal daily requirements and become even more self-sufficient. Many of their clients pursue both education and employment simultaneously. However, everyone is given the best resources to help them follow their path toward future success, one day at a time.

Patients must also begin to start developing relationships outside of our addiction recovery program. Many participate in 12 step meetings, taking active roles in the recovery community. They begin to define themselves as leaders of their peer group.

Seeking Young Adult Drug Rehabs

When seeking drug rehabs consider the qualified staff. They must specialize in drug and alcohol addiction for young adults. Not only do they provide the best clinical staff, but they also specialize in getting their clients back to life long goals. Make sure the program prepares you for the transition back into mainstream society. This is where your life goals can once again be obtained. They guide you in the process with our transitional living program. This program will also provide you with the tools needed to sustain freedom from addiction. The phase III program includes;

• Clinical Therapy
• Case Management
• Educational Planning
• Family Support Program

Opiate Detox Drug Rehabs San Diego Helps Addiction Treatment Seekers

When looking for addiction treatment California is #1 resource in the United States. Treatment programs like Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs san Diego are setting the pace for the nation. They understand substance abuse treatment. They have taken the care to provide the highest quality of medical personnel. Their physicians and substance abuse counselors are credentialed and experience in evidence based addiction treatment care. The superior care and medication assisted treatments (MAT) put them in a class of few. They provide intensive outpatient, inpatient, opiate detox, residential and alcohol detoxification services.

With the supervised care provided by drug rehabs, you can regain your life and get back on track. You can discover a lot more about the facility, staff and specialized care for young adults. When thinking of a drug rehab make sure they are a good fit good your medical needs. Understanding the biggest obstacle is the fear of withdrawal from opiates and alcohol. Finding resources to eliminate this barrier is critical to entering addiction treatment.

What Are Residential Addiction Treatment Programs?

A residential treatment program is a place you stay 24 hours a day and is clinically supervised. It not only provides the foundation for an individual’s path to recovery but should also promote health and overall wellness. However, the national stats show many individuals do not seek treatment. The Surgeon Generals 2015 report on alcohol, drugs and health shows over 175 million persons aged 12 and older, a whopping 65% of this population, reported alcohol use in the past year, It also outlined that 66 million (24.9%) individuals reported binge drinking in their past month.

“Many of these individuals could benefit from residential addiction treatment programs if they reached out for help.”

Residential treatment programs should entice the senses and spirit. Individuals should be able to focus their attention on their recovery and benefit from intensive therapy including relapse prevention. Residential treatment is the critical starting point of a comprehensive recovery program. This critical component of addiction treatment is the foundation of recovery providing these crucial advantages:

• Residential addiction treatment can be fierce and demanding and difficult at times. This option should offer individuals temporary relief from stress due to obligations, devoting their complete attention to getting the necessary foundation of recovery.
• Around the clock supervision from trained professionals and ensuring safety during this hypersensitive phase of recovery.
• Provide a supportive environment with highly qualified professionals committed to fostering recovery.
• A healing environment suffering from the mental, emotional and physical damage substance abuse or eating disorders.
• Professional nutritional guidance and counseling, fitness therapy, and comfortable lodging.
• Foster new, meaningful and healthy friendships with individuals that have comparable challenges and objectives.
• Provide a complete daily schedule of evidenced-based treatment, counseling, therapy, relapse prevention techniques, and activities.
• Healthy meals that provide the necessary nutrition to promote recovery.

What Are Some Residential Addiction Treatment Programs?

Residential-based programs should utilize many therapeutic approaches. However, some individuals will benefit from intensive outpatient IOP drug rehabs in Encinitas options. Whether it is residential or IOP intensive outpatient these drug rehabilitation therapies should concentrate on the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the individual. Inpatient residential addiction treatment should provide an environment that promotes connection and restoration of community. The use of the alternative approaches are seen below and traditional evidence-based practices (CBT, DBT, EMDR, Experiential Therapy, etc.) will provide healing and transformation. All residential treatment programs should provide experienced licensed professional. They provide solutions to grow diagnosis and treatment. An individual treatment plan that is customized based on the unique needs is essential. Some of the therapeutic approaches are;

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Psychiatric support
• 12-step philosophy
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
• Adventure-based therapies
• Nutritional counseling
• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
• Somatic therapies
• Massage
• Yoga

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP)

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is a rehabilitation program that may be selected for those who do not need a medically-supervised detox. You must be careful of the many options across the US from drug rehabs in California to Florida. There are laws on how drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers can obtain clients. One of the most popular options is in an outpatient setting. This drug rehabilitation option provides a part-time, intensive schedule of addiction treatment. Intensive outpatient programs should provide clinical, peer and emotional support systems designed for each individual. There are many options available at drug rehabs and some of the treatment an individual should receive include;

• 12 hours per week for 8 weeks providing evidenced-based addiction treatment programs
• Allows individuals to continue living at home, or at a sober living facility, working and spending time with family
• Individual and group counseling therapy
• Develop communication skills and participate in social experiences
• Provide relapse prevention techniques
• Provide group settings that foster comfort, help, and support from peers experiencing the same difficulties
• Inject structure, organization, and discipline for a healthy lifestyle and to get control of an individual’s chaotic life and poor choices
• Provide emotional and peer support

Learning From Our Drug Rehabs Article

This drug rehabs article provides vital information when seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment is any state. It explains the rise and depth of alcohol misuse, what to look for when individuals suffer from addiction and provide information on what to look for when seeking treatment. You can also look at the many addiction conferences that are focusing on educating substance abuse treatment centers on best practices. This also gives you an idea of what is available for evidenced-based treatment. Understanding residential addiction treatment, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), Intensive Out Patient Treatments (IOP), and sober homes is a critical step. You’ve taken the first step by wanting a better life, now it’s time to get educated on the best path for your recovery.

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