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Top Real Estate Articles on Readory

Check out top real estate articles on the content curation site Readory via Anita Clark, who runs the Warner Robins Real Estate Blog.

You will find plenty of useful information to assist buyers and sellers as they look to gain knowledge during real estate transactions.

Anita Clark on Readory

The profile of Anita Clark on Readory. You will find numerous shared articles and a plethora of useful real estate information.

She Sheds

Use the advice in this killer she shed article to get motivated or continue the journey towards creating, using, and enjoying your future she shed.

How Your Backyard Can Increase Your Home's Value

Tips on how your backyard can increase the value of your home and net you more money during its sale. Buyers are quick to notice well maintained house...follow the advice in this article to ensure yours stands out for the right reasons.

How to Maintain Your HVAC System

Check out the detailed information in this guide to help you maintain and keep your HVAC system in peak condition. Doing so can save you both time and money!

Tips to Create a Renovation Budget

Developing a plan with a workable budget is a smart move regardless if the project is small or large! Use this step-by-step guide to get the home renovation you want at the price you can afford.

New Construction Buying Guide

Buying new construction provides unique challenges you need to be thoroughly aware of. The advice found in this new construction guide will help you make the right decision as you start the process towards home ownership.

Renting or Buying During a PCS Move

This thorough PCS Move guide was created to help you decide which option is best for your particular relocation. Thank YOU for your service!

Best Ways to Capitalize on High Interest Rates

By following the advice in this article, as interest rates go up, and they will at some point, you will be one step ahead of anyone else who is buying or selling homes by not getting dragged down by the headlines and market data.

Smart tax deductions for home buyers

There are numerous benefits to owning a home. It is good to know that if we can itemize on our federal returns there are numerous deductions and tax savings available to each of us when we buy a home and potentially when we sell one as well.

9 things you should ask before refinancing your mortgage

This article will put you in the best position to determine if refinancing your mortgage is the smart move for your particular situation. Follow the 9 tips and come to an informed decision.

Selling a family members home when they die

Key advice on how to sell a family member's home when they die to include best practices when dealing with a probate situation

Smart advice on how to make your home more eco friendly

Savvy tips on ways to can make your home more eco-friendly, protect the environment, and be better prepared when you try to resell the property.

Does Drone Technology Help Sell Homes

Do drones help sell homes? They certainly can help. Check out this in-depth article and determine for yourse.f

How to Know if You Need a New Roof

Catching water issues before they become a major issue can save you a lot of money. Check out these excellent tips to determine if you need a new roof.

Transfering a mortgage to your spouse

Key advice on how to transfer a mortgage to your spouse during a divorce.