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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Mar 02, 2019
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Features of on-demand trucking app development

The transportation industry has always seen steady growth. In the history of the transportation industry, there has never been a fall in statistics. USA, UK, Australia, India, and China all the major leading countries in the transportation sector have different mediums of transportation. It includes air, water, road, railway, etc.



In this app-oriented world, there are apps for everything. These on-demand trucking apps are amazingly convenient. Businesses can hire cross-platform app development services.


On-demand Trucking App Development

On-demand Trucking App Development

70 percent of transportation in the USA is captured by truck transportation. Did you know trucking is one of the most successful and busy business sectors? Let us see types of truck transportation. There are haul trucks, semi haul trucks, flatbed trucks, dump trailer trucks, tanker trucks, dry vans, reefer trucks, etc.

Truck transportation is used for different purpose. Trucks can be used to carry heavy vehicles, or to carry water/fuel or to carry shipments. Usually, haul and semi haul trucks are used to carry small to large shipments. Trucking industry generated 676.2 billion US dollars revenue in the year 2017.

According to the report generated by Statista, 700 billion U.S. dollars in revenue was generated by the U.S. freight trucking industry. Every industry is, directly and indirectly, dependant on technology. Till now we were talking about the transportation industry.


How do you connect it with most used technology; mobile apps? How about on-demand app development?

Just the way there are on-demand apps for cabs, there can be on-demand app development for truck services. If you are willing to start this unique kind of startup, then you are at right place. Technology has made transportation easy. It has become extremely simple to receive and offer truck services.

The truck service providers can work according to their timings and decide what route they want to take. The travels carry one great day app users. Similarly, the shippers can rate the truck services and easily connect with truck drivers through mobile apps.

Why the trucking industry needs on-demand app development? Almost every transport industry requires brokers. These brokers play a vital role in getting contracts. The shippers usually contact the brokers for shipment purpose.

The broker assigns work to most suitable truck services and gets a commission from both the sides that are shippers and carriers. This commission is usually 20% of the total invoice/ bill. Wouldn't it be great if you can cut the cost of commission? By integrating your truck services with these applications, mobile app development company can save a lot of costs.

What should be the features in an on-demand trucking application?


Real-time tracking-

Real-time tracking is very important in every on-demand app development. The feature allows shippers to track the shipment and live location of drivers. Whenever users send a courier from courier services it becomes a hectic task to track the shipment or courier. To call the courier service every day and ask about the updates of courier transport consumes a lot of time and efforts.

With on-demand applications, users can open the app and click on the live tracking option. If there are delays in the shipment users can call the drivers and ask about the reason for the delays. To offer these feature developers need to integrate GPS system and Google maps in the application.



Make sure the drivers and truck service providers get the payment on time after successful delivery. Offer different payment options like PayPal, debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.


Ratings and reviews-

Offer users to rate and review the truck services. According to the reviews and ratings, the users can decide which truck services to opt for. You can also allow truck drivers or truck service providing companies to offer ratings and reviews to the users.



Since the shipments can be sent through different regions and countries through truck transportation, it is important to develop a multi-language application. Make sure you involve all the languages used in the demography area which you are going to Target.


Load booking-

To transport heavy loads and heavy shipments trucks need loads. Loads are nothing but heavy base which is used to hold heavy shipments. There are various load supplying services. Allow truck service providers and freelance truck drivers the facilities to book loads.



The users can send and receive messages from truck drivers. They should be able to communicate with each other in real time.


Bill of lading-

There are differences between other on-demand applications and truck applications. Bill of lading is an important document. Bill of lading is a document issued by carriers as an acknowledgment receipt. The document involves all details about items and charges of shipment.


Detailed information-

The users should be to access detailed information about trucks. This information involves the name and contact number of the truck driver, number of the truck, etc.