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Best Real Estate Articles on Readory

See some of the best real estate articles published on Readory by Bill Gassett, the owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure. You will find helpful information for buyers and sellers to make smart decisions in their real estate transaction.


How to be Ready For a Buyer's Home Inspection

See how to be ready for the buyer's home inspection in this article at Readory.

How to Cancel Your Private Mortgage Insurance

See how to cancel your private mortgage insurance so you are not paying a useless fee. More details at Readory.

What is Dual Agency in Real Estate

See how dual agency works in real estate and why it is so bad for buyers and sellers. The only person who benefits from dual agency is the real estate agent.

How to Choose a Realtor

See helpful tips and advice on how to go about picking a real estate agent.

Downsides of Home Sale Contingencies in Real Estate

When you are trying to buy a home adding in extra contingencies will make your offer far weaker. One of the worst is a home sale contingency. Most sellers will not accept an offer contingent on you selling your home. Find out why in the article at Readory.

What Should I Know About Home Inspections

See everything you need to know about the entire home inspection process. When buying or selling a home the inspection is a major hurdle to get by. It is important to understand what the home inspection entails.

Best Real Estate Articles From Bill Gassett on Flickr

See the best real estate article from Bill Gassett that are published on Flickr with accompanying graphics. You'll find helpful advice for buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

Don't Pay Private Mortgage Insurance When Buying a House

See how to avoid paying private mortgage insurance when you are buying a house. PMI is a fee that is useless to a homeowner. If you can avoid paying it, you should.

Top articles worth reading january 2019

See some of the best real estate articles published in January 2019 featuring top bloggers from around the country. You will find helpful information for buyers, sellers and real estate agents at Readory.

Exceptional real estate articles for buyers and sellers on flickr

See exceptionally well written content shared on Readory that highlights some of the best real estate articles found on Flickr via Bill Gassett and many other great publishers.

How to prepare for the buyers appraisal of your home

See how to be ready for the buyers real estate appraisal on your home. Learn some of the best tips and advice for being ready for the appraiser. Remember this is a large hurdle to cross for a successful sale.

Why Dual agency Doesn't Work For Consumers

See why there are no benefits for buyers and sellers with dual agency. If you are buying or selling a home you should reject dual agency. Never let your real estate agent become a neutral party in the transaction.

Helpful advice on how to save money decorating your first house

Are you going to be closing on your first house soon? Are you getting excited to decorate it? If so take a look at some of these great tips on how you can save money decorating your first home.

Right of First Refusal in Real Estate Sales

See what is a right of first refusal in real estate and how does it work.

Tips to Save Money on Home Insurance

See how to save money on your home insurance policy in this article from Readory.

How Lenders and Real Estate Agents Can Form Better Relationships

See how real estate agents and mortgage brokers can form better relationships that in the end help consumers trying to buy a home.

Being Ready For a Home Inspection as a Seller

See what you need to do as a seller to be prepared for the buyers home inspection. Preparation for the inspection is very important.

Smart Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

See the best questions to ask a home inspector when you are purchasing a home. These questions will help you make sound decisions.

Negatives and Positives of an Open House

When you are selling a home their are pros and cons to having an open house. Unfortunately, many real estate agents never educated their clients on the downsides.

What to Know About Buying and Selling a Home at The Same Time

See what you need to know about buying and selling a home at the same time on Readory which leads to a fantastic article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

Tips For Picking The Best Lender

See some great tips for picking a lender at Readory. Learn what you should be thinking about when buying a home and choosing a mortgage lender to work with.

Buying a home prior to selling the one you own

See what you need to know about buying a home prior to selling the one you own. Timing the buy and sell or homes can be difficult when you are not properly prepared.

What You Should Do Prior to Buying a Home

What should you be doing before you buy a house? Take a look at some great tips to prepare yourself for the home buying journey.

Pricing A House Correctly

When you are selling your house you need to make sure you price it accurately. Those who do not price their home correctly will end up reducing the price. More often than not the reason why people don't price their homes right is because they follow one of the common home pricing myths.

Tips to stop deer from ruining your plants

See the best tips to stop deer from ruining your plants. Deer can be a real pain in the neck if you let them. Deer can easily destroy all the landscaping in your yard.