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Updated by Ellen Britt on Mar 17, 2013
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Top Tips for Repurposing Your Content

Top tips on how to repurpose your digital content. Content repurposing is the quickest and most powerful way to increase your authority, your perceived expertise and your influence by getting you massive online visibility. [And please feel free to embed this list on your blog!]


How to Use Slide Sharing Services to Easily Repurpose Your Content

In a previous article, Content Repurposing – 5 Experts Share Their Favorite Secrets, I suggested one way to get your content out there quickly and easily is to make a PDF slideshow using the major points from your original article...

How to Use Short Audios to Repurpose Your Content

Record a short audio using just a portion of your content and then in that audio, point listeners back to your original article or just back to your blog itself.

Record Your Blog Posts

Recording your blog posts is a great way to repurpose your existing content, as it gives your blog visitors yet another way to consume your stuff...and you can then take that recording and use it as a podcast, or overlay it on slides and upload to YouTube.

Infographics - How to Repurpose Your Content with a Wow!

Infographics are a great way to repurpose your content, since they are visually based and are easy to share.

Content Repurposing with Collaborative Blog Posts

As an online marketer, you know that one of the most valuable business activities you can engage in is producing and distributing high quality content… content that offers your target market current, actionable information with concepts that are clearly explained

Turn Your Survey Results into a Special Report

The 2012 Digital Publishing Survey is a great example of how survey data was used to create a valuable special report.

Create Quote Graphics From Your Content

Pull bullet points and quotes from your blog posts and create quote graphics to pin on Pinterest and post on Facebook.

Content Repurposing with Squidoo

In my previous article on Content Repurposing, I listed over a dozen ways you can take one piece of content and recycle it into various forms, so you can spread your influence and authority all over the web easily and

How to Repurpose Your Content Using Press Releases

In my previous article on content repurposing, creating a press release from your original content and then posting to free press release sites was one of my suggestions. A colleague of mine questioned me about this because she just didn’t

Leverage Your Content with Short Videos

I’ve been writing about the art and science of Content Repurposing lately and one of the ways I’ve suggested you repurpose your content is through the use of short videos. Video marketing...

Visual Maps Bring Your Content to Life!

If you are graphically inclined, a 'visual map' can be a great way to take your existing content and giving it a that Wow factor. Take a look at what Creative Thought Leader Laura West did with an idea I had...