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Top 5 ricegum scams

Ricegum is known for being a dramaqueen with terrible taste in clothing. However, he wasn't until recently known to be a scammer.


Click here to stay tuned ► Buying spells on fiverr ► cs:go and ricegum ► Here he is, the r...

Ricegum: Viewbotter Exposed Scandal!

A streamer on known as ricegum has been discovered of buying viewbot for over half a year now and maybe more if i've never exposed him. This video ...


Ricegum advertising gambling to kids

Not gonna link the video but he seriously advertised some "real life lootbox" gambling site (which scammed people) to his viewers, who are mostly kids.


That one time he was caught wearing fake replica fashion

LOL this one is hilarious, he boasts about having money but reddit replica subreddit owned ricegum by showing the exact replica (with flaws) he had on!


Ricegum was actually banned from for viewbotting

There was lot of drama for ricegum on youtube, however he was initially herded to that site by being banned from where he used to stream. Reason for the ban? Well he pulled up a viewbotting program on stream.