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Web & Mobile App Development Services USA

Biz4Solutions delivers high-end mobile application solutions (iOS, iPad and Android) specialize in helping entrepreneurs, industry professionals & growing companies build web and mobile apps that make waves in their market worldwide. As of 2011, with a presence in more than 15 countries and a broad range of IT services across the IT Industry, Biz4Solutions has impressed a brand name as extensively secure and trustworthy Mobile Apps Development Company.

Web & Mobile App Development Services USA | Biz4Solutions

Biz4solutions LLC a Texas-based company in the U.S, collaborates with highly skilled and experienced solution architects. Our main development center is in Pune, India which provides high-quality professional software services.
We are proficient in IoT development, Mobile/Web application development and have done numerous large and complex projects for various domains like Healthcare, Water, Education, Hospitality, Insurance (Auto), Mortgage, Banking, ECommerce, Transportation, Telecom, Retail etc

Trending technology stacks of 2020! – Telegraph

The software market is flooded with myriad outstanding technology stacks. However, businesses, particularly those with lesser experience, find it quite challenging to decide on the right technology stack that would prove profitable for them. Typically these businesses are unable to keep up with the pace of technology updates as the older technology stacks that were once ruling the roost are being constantly replaced by emerging new technologies. So, before jump-starting the mobile app development process, it is very important that companies understand the trending technologies that are available in the market, get a thorough knowledge about them and then take the informed decision on which technology to go for.

Stripe versus PayPal: Which one best suits your business needs? – Part I – Telegraph

In today’s competitive age it has become an unsaid rule for businesses to maintain an online store or website. However, architecting a business application to sell services or products digitally; is not so simple as it sounds. The reason is, numerous aspects are to be taken care of, the most challenging part being the selection of the apt payment gateway for online transactions. This is because not picking the right payment channel may lead to the rejection of your enterprise app even if you offer the best deals. Out of the existing payment processing companies, the ones that are preferred by most successful online businesses are Stripe and PayPal, owing to their convenience quotient and safety standards. Now, comes the trickiest question: “Which payment gateway outsmarts the other?” In reality, both Stripe and PayPal provide commendable payment processing services. As such, it becomes difficult for entrepreneurs to select the appropriate one. However, these two popular payment gateways are different in certain ways and an entrepreneur must choose the one that best satisfies their business requirement.

Mobile App Development: Creating a QR Code Reader in the Mobile Website Version! – Telegraph

Do you know, that in 2016, the number of online or digital shoppers globally was around 1.66 billion and is expected to reach 2.14 billion in 2021? These numbers are significantly increasing year after year. Businesses have taken note of these statistics. They have realized the importance of making the payment functionality simpler for the users. The introduction of the Barcode and QR scanners was one such effort. It has made shopping experience much flexible and hassle-free. Even giants like Amazon and Walmart have embraced this amazing feature in their apps.

A Top-tier Grocery App Development Company in India and USA

At Biz4Solutions, our Grocery App Developers excels in providing Grocery apps that are highly performant and scalable.

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Testing of mobile apps through various stages of the development cycle is important to deliver a flawless UX. Smart testing strategies will help conquer these challenges. So, hiring experienced mobile app developers for developing and testing your app would be a smart move to convert and retain customers.

Security Vulnerabilities in React and Standard Practices to Overcome them!

This blog outlines in detail the top security vulnerabilities faced by React app developers and React development services with their remedial measures.

The Essential Features of an ideal Logistics Mobile Application!

This article gives you a peek into the essential features that a profitable Logistics Mobile Application must have.

Best-in-class IoT App Development Tools and Platforms in 2021! – Telegraph

A report generated in 2019 by Statista, a renowned online marketplace and research portal, estimated that the global expenditure on IoT will account for $1.1 trillion by the year 2023.

How to Decide Between Android or iOS app Development for Your Project?

Whether to go with Android app development or choose iOS app development is an important question that arises in minds of the businessmen willing to develop a mobile application for their business. This decision depends on several significant factors like time required, budget, target audience, features, etc.

How to Decide Between Android or iOS app Development for Your Project?

Here we have explained the differences in iOS and Android App Development which will aid in choosing between these platforms during app development.

Mobile APP Development Company — All you need to know about Android 11!

All you need to know about Android 11! “Android continues to remain the most widely-used mobile operating system across the globe with a market share of 72.92%”statesa report published in October 2020...

Andriod 11: The noteworthy add-ons and enhancements!

This article speaks about the amazing new features and the notable enhancements introduced by Android 11, Android’s latest updated version.

IoT implementation is trending these days. Integration of IoT with mobile apps benefits enterprises and allows personalization in mobile apps, enhances the power of mobile apps, and creates room for innovation. However, IoT mobile app development must be executed carefully to ensure cybersecurity and prevent affecting the app’s functionality.

Emergence of Blockchain-as-a-Service and its Potential Benefits!

Blockchain has emerged as a powerful technology and a game-changer for several start-ups and business enterprises. Also, Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) has become a popular concept in just a few years. So, we, at Biz4Solutions, one of the best Blockchain Service providers, provide cutting-edge blockchain applications to clients worldwide.

Top-grade Smart Apps Development Services in India and USA!

Biz4Solutions, a renowned Smart Apps Development Company, has experienced IoT App developers providing Next-gen IoT Solutions to global clientele.

How will COVID 19 Impact the Future of Educational Sector

The Covid19 crisis has introduced remote learning methodologies that will transform the future of the educational sector. Some of the expected changes are blended learning methodologies, AI-powered personalized learning approach, redefined role from educators, digital tools to ease out a teachers’ task, new Government policies that support open-source eLearning, rising demand for skill-based short duration courses, etc.

COVID 19 Impact on Future of Educational Sector

This article states the transformative on-going processes and upcoming trends in the learning methodologies on account of the Covid19 crisis.

How AI-based Chatbots are transforming business mobile apps?

Rise of Revolutionary Technology- Chatbots in Mobile App Development! With most companies laying their focus on customer engagement, the role of technology has drastically shot up. Customer...

How AI-based Chatbots are transforming business mobile apps?

Chatbots are AI-powered digital assistants and their integration in your mobile applications help in automating business communications.

Advantages of choosing Swift for iOS app development

Most of the time, Swift is preferred over Objective-C for executing iOS app development projects. This is because it is open-source, is growing in leaps and bounds, offers more security etc. This blog discusses the top reasons to choose Swift and hire Swift app developers for executing an iOS app development project.

Why to choose Swift for iOS app development

This blog discusses the top reasons to choose Swift and hire Swift app developers for executing an iOS app development project.

Architecting a Progressive Web App using React Native: Step by Step Guidance!

Progressive Web Applications combine the best traits of web apps and mobile apps. To build a PWA with React Native you need to follow certain established practices like the adoption of a secure network connection, implementing the “Add to Home Screen” option, employing web app manifest, implementing custom splash screen, usage of Pusher to add real-time functionalities, integrating a service worker, auditing the code with lighthouse, etc.

Architecting a Progressive Web App using React Native: Step by Step Guidance!

This blog explains the usefulness of a Progressive Web App (PWA), reasons to choose the React Native framework for PWA creation & guidance on building PWA.

Biz4Solutions is a leading Event App Development Company, having a dedicated team of experienced Event App Developers for creating new-age event apps. We provide best-in-class event app development services for building apps for private as well as corporate events. Whether a small birthday party, a lavish wedding, a business seminar, a corporate dinner party or an award function, our team of event app developers has hands-on experience in designing relevant event apps for your requirements.