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Kapture CRM Kapture CRM
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Tools & System for all Buisness - Kapture CRM

Kapture CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is an all-in-one platform for sales, marketing, operations & customer service teams. This CRM software offers Service cloud & industry specific solutions for India, USA & other countries which provide SaaS applications for businesses



Kapture CRM

Kapture CRM

Kapture Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) is a one-stop solution for Intelligent Automation among CRM Providers and Online Cloud-Based CRM Systems. Kapture is a CRM Software Company for India, United States, and other countries that offers SaaS applications for Business.


Best Hotel CRM Software - Kapture CRM

Best Hotel CRM Software - Kapture CRM

Kapture Hotel CRM Software is an online cloud hotel management systems solution. Among best Hospitality CRM Software and Sales CRM for Hotel, Kapture sits among the top CRM for Hotels and Hospitality Industry for improving bookings.


CRM Software for FMCG Companies - Kapture CRM

CRM Software for FMCG Companies - Kapture CRM

Kapture** FMCG CRM** is a CRM Software for FMCG Companies built as FMCG Distributor and Consumer Management System. Kapture is an advanced Consumer Goods CRM Solution offering FMCG CRM Solution for fast moving consumer goods.


Travel CRM Software - Kapture CRM

Travel CRM Software - Kapture CRM

Kapture Travel CRM is a Cloud Travel CRM Tool that provides travel management software system for tour operators and travel agents. Choose Kapture Travel CRM Tool as a Travel Agency CRM Software Tool for managing all your sub-offices from one platform.


GPS Based Sales Rep Tracking App - Kaptutre CRM

GPS Based Sales Rep Tracking App - Kaptutre CRM

Kapture Sales Tracking App is a GPS based Sales Rep Tracking App that automates selling potential of sales Teams, offering a comprehensive lead management system. Kapture Online Sales Tracker App tracks on-field rep activities for efficient sales.


Role Of CRM In Healthcare Services - CRM for Health Care Industry

Role Of CRM In Healthcare Services - CRM for Health Care Industry

Kapture plays a stellar role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Healthcare Industry. It understands the Role of CRM in Healthcare Services and offers unified Healthcare Software System. Choose Kapture CRM for Healthcare Industry and experience seamless management.

Here’s how you get Repeat Bookings to your Hotel | Hotel CRM Software

Repeat business is great for your hotel & this is possible with Hotel CRM software. This guide gives tips on how to get repeat bookings to your hotel & boost sales.

Hotel Booking Software to Manage Challenges in Hospitality Industry | Hospitality CRM Software

Hospitality industry comes with a range of challenges. Learn about Hotel Booking Software that helps to face & navigate multiple challenges in the hospitality industry.

CRM Based Data Management System to Assist Lean Process Management | Hotel CRM Software

With an efficient CRM Based Data Management System, you can streamline & supply information to all operating points. It helps in Lean Process Management through process automation.

Best CRM for Hospitality Management | Hotel CRM Software – Kapture CRM

Kapture Hospitality CRM software unifies enquiries from various sources, allows you to customize products & services, helps to close deals faster, & stores information of customers in cloud.

The Executive's Guide to Understanding the Single-View Dashboard | CRM Software Guide

CXOs and Executives need a CRM Software Guide to understand how the Single-View Dashboard is beneficial to them. This Blog Post explains how the Single-View Dashboard Customer Relationship Management Software shows important information to Key Decision Makers in a way that best reflects how each Business Operation is doing.

Ultimate guide to designing a B2B & B2C escalation matrix | Ticket management Software, System Tool

When a clear set of escalation procedures are present within a support team, it becomes easier for b2b and b2c escalation matrices to achieved higher FCR'S and lower average call handle times.

How to Improve FMCG Inventory Management with CRM | CRM Software for FMCG Companies

Learn how simplifying & amplifying FMCG distribution with CRM accelerates inventory distribution through a single platform. FMCG CRM streamlines your processes & achieves better efficiency.

How CRM Software takes FMCG distribution from being a barrier to becoming your USP?

FMCG CRM software helps to manage products, order details, distribution channel, & inventory management of multiple channels in a single dashboard.

How to use CRM Digital Strategies for Successful FMCG Operations?

Kapture FMCG CRM software develops a CRM strategy which best fits your business. It enables your business to achieve digital efficiency for managing physical goods.

5 Ways Manufacturing CRM can Align Product Demand & Supply | CRM Software for FMCG Companies

FMCG CRM software helps to meet specific challenges & provide solutions for the manufacturing industry. Here are 5 ways CRM software aligns product demand & supply.

Winning Customer service through CRM – Kapture CRM

In any Customer Support System, the main aim of the team members is to keep the consumers happy and satisfied. Thus, for maintaining this, the role of CRM or service CRM is very crucial. In the business scenario, managing the customers well and cordially is as essential as providing them with the best quality of…

Hotel Management Software – How it can Improve Productivity – Kapture CRM

In every industry, it is essential to maximize productivity, as this characteristic helps companies make the most of their resources. In the hospitality business, every owner wants to take staff efficiency to a new level, while enhancing the experience for their guests. Fortunately, significant growth in technology allowed the industry to adopt hospitality management system,…

Kapture CRM- Grow Your Business From Anywhere: Hotel Management Software – How it can Improve Productivity

Kapture Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a consolidated software solution built to be adaptable for various Business Types and Industries.

CRM Solutions for Real Estate | Kapture CRM Software | Mobile CRM for Real Estate

Real estate businesses, agents and other professionals can close more deals with the help of a real estate CRM software. The CRM for realtors helps agents manage their lead network better as well as segment customers for targeted marketing on a unified dashboard.

Integrate Custom CRM Software For Real-Estate Enterprise | Real Estate CRM Booking Operations

A CRM software can optimize sales by managing on-field operations with a mobile CRM for real estate. A custom-built CRM for realtors can also assist in lead management, data analytics with precision based reports on sales and risk forecasting.

CRM for Real Estate Business | Real Estate Lead Management CRM System

The CRM for real estate integrates the software with your lead channels giving you a segregated view of your lead sources and channels. The mobility driven CRM for real estate can be integrated with the number of software and can automate operations on a unified dashboard.

Why your Real Estate Portal Lead management is outdated? | Real Estate CRM Software

Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate business, but without an updated CRM for realtors, lead management can become difficult. A Real Estate CRM software has all the tool Realtors would need to manage leads and close more bookings.


Retain Loyal Travelers with Kapture's Travel CRM

Retain Loyal Travelers with Kapture's Travel CRM

Travel Businesses absolutely need a CRM to work with since the Travel Industry is large and continuously flourishing, A CRM for the Travel Industry must be tailored to suit the Organisation and must be data responsive.


The Influence of Social Media on CRM

The Influence of Social Media on CRM

Social Media Integration is imperative for a CRM in 2019. Learn how the immense customer engagement on various Social Media Platforms are improving the CRM's ability to collect data, track, and increase customer interactions. Kapture CRM Software integrates social media engagement for all business.