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Top 5 Ayurvedic Spa Treatments to Balance Ayurvedic Life

Ayurveda principles focus on bringing balance to the entire body. Here some of the most beneficial ayurvedic practices to help you heal and rejuvenate.



Shirodhara is used to sooth the nervous system and to bring peace to your intuitive energetic centre (third ye chakra). This is one of the best healing practices you could consider when you go for Ayurvedic treatment. Sri Lanka, India and other Asian countries offer this type of treatment. The process involves pouring warm liquid over your forehead in a slow, rhythmic manner to sooth, heal and reenergize. The type of liquid depends on your specific need which the ayurvedic practitioner will determine after a thorough examination. According to ayurvedic beliefs, shirodara helps with insomnia and mental stresses such as anxiety.


Marma Point Massage

Marma point massage is used to stimulate marma points. These points are where your flesh, bones, tendons and arteries join and Ayurveda beliefs claim that there are 108 such points on a human body. Your ayurvedic practitioner will use his or her thumb or the index finger to massage your marma points using a clockwise motion to stimulate the corresponding internal organs. This treatment is beneficial in enhancing blood flow, strengthening tissue and muscles as well as removing toxins from the body.


Neti and Nasya

While these two options are actually two separate treatments, they are mostly used in conjunction to clear your nasal passages. Neti refers to the process of clearing the nasal passage with a solution of part warm water part salt. Your auyrvedic practitioner will pour the solution into one nostril and tilt your head to let the water pour out of the other nostril. Nasya oil application helps your nasal passage to soften and of course protect it.


Sarvangadhara Oil Treatment

Sarvangadhara is a relaxing and a sensuous treatment that involves a rhythmic pouring of oil over your entire body. Ayurvedic spas such as the Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions Negambo Sri Lanka offer this type of treatment as part of the panchakarma programme that is famous in Sri Lanka. The gentle pressure of the oil treatment activates the five energy centres of the body and lets you escape into a blissful state. Sarvangadhara is helpful in relieving emotional tension, insomnia and helping with degenerative diseases such as arthritis and motor neuron diseases.



Kansu is essentially foot reflexology and it can help you ease stress and sink into a state of tranquility. Your Ayurvedic practitioner will soak and massage your feet and lower part of the legs to invigorate your entire body and heal imbalances within your internal organs. As they gently and sometimes forcefully massage your feet, your blood circulation will get stimulated and you will feel the healing powers course through your body. Some practitioners use a special technique called the Kansu bowl which involves a bowl made out of zinc, bronze and copper. The metals along with the massage contribute to enhance your wellbeing. Kansu massages are used to treat all types of doshic conditions and in particular to strengthen lower limbs, improve metabolism and let you sleep better.

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