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Top 10 unusual sights in Bangkok – The side of Bangkok that not everyone bothers to see

The bustling metropolis of Bangkok has a wide variety of sights to see, some of which will leave you lost for words. Here are 10 of the most unusual things you'll see while visiting Bangkok.


Erawan Museum

The first thing you'll see when you visit the Erawan Museum is a statue of a three-headed elephant 39 metres wide and 29 metres tall mounted on a large pedestal. The interior of the museum consists of three levels which are filled with rare antiques from the east, intricate décor and stunning religious iconography. The beauty of this museum can't be fully done justice using only words; the only way to comprehend its beauty is by visiting it.


Phallic Shrine

The shrine of Phallic (penises) is dedicated to the female fertility spirit, Chao Mae Tubtim. The shrine is filled with penises of different shapes and colours wrapped in ribbons. It is frequented by women trying to conceive, offerings jasmine and lotus offerings to increase their fertility and according to the locals, the success rate is quite good!


Robot Building

The design for this building was inspired by a toy robot that the architect's son was playing with. Opened in 1986, the building consists of 20 floors and some elements of the robot have been used for practical purposes. The caterpillar wheels and the oversized bolts, for example, are used as sunshades and canopies.


Wat Samphran

Although this temple is situated outside of the Bangkok it is clearly visible from the nearby highway because of the dragon head that rests at the top of the building. The body of the dragon coils around the 17 floored building and the grounds of the temple is decorated with statues of more dragons and other animals.


Sathorn Unique

Sathorn Unique was supposed to one of Bangkok's most luxurious apartment complexes but sadly due to the economic crisis in 1997 construction of the building stopped halfway through. The 50-storied building presently supports advertising boards and has become part of the day-to-day life of Bangkok.


Bangkok Correction Museum

This is a creepy museum that was built out of ruins of three buildings that were used a maximum-security penitentiary during the 1890s. The prison used to occupy a larger space of land until it was transformed into a national park in 1987.


Wat Pariwat

One of the mythical animals called a Garuda that is engraved to the rear of a large altar in this temple has been replaced by David Beckham, giving this temple the nickname "The David Beckham Temple". Located near the riverside of the Chao Phraya River this is a temple you should consider checking out if you're planning to go on a Chao Phraya cruise similar to that offered by Anantara cruises Bangkok Thailand.


Elephant tower

Located in the Chatuchak district, the elephant tower is one of the most unique and unmissable buildings in Bangkok. Consisting of 3 towers, the building can be easily seen from the highway and is home to a school, office spaces and houses.


Forensic museum

Situated in the Siriraj hospital, this museum has many weird and creepy corpses of dead babies, mutilated bodies and other is a treasure chest for lovers of morbid things. The museum is made up 6 zones distributed among 2 buildings with the anatomic and pathology museums being the creepiest out of them.


The Human body museum

This is an educational museum that showcases 14 bodies from Japan that have been taken apart. While some might find this museum creepy and gross, it's a great place for people who would like to learn more about human anatomy to get a closer look at a corpse in a sterile environment.