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Nutrition For All

Know about the Growth Rate and Spurt in your Child | Danone India

Nutrient requirements increase during adolescence for growth. Inappropriate nutrition can create a negative impact on the growth and development of adolescents.

Essential Protein-Rich Food for Teenagers | Danone India

Protein products are important in the initial growth stage for both genders. Protein is one of the major sources for overall body development of adolescents. To know more about Protein rich food, click-

Protein an Essential Requirement for Body Development | Danone India

Protein is one of the essential nutrients, it helps in recovery of illness and other injuries faster. It plays a major role in overall body development.

Protein for Body and Brain Development in Adults

Human body utilizes proteins for repairing and building of tissues. As per RDA, an adult man and woman should consume 1.0g per kilogram body weight per day. for more info, visit the website-

Protein-Rich Diet for Children and Adults | Danone India

Protein requirements vary across different age groups. As per the requirements, adequate good quality protein needs to be consumed which can be obtained from plant and animal sources.

Why Healthy Food for Children is that Important?

To know why healthy food is so important for children, consider reading the following lines. Visit-

Understanding The Essential Aspects Of Pre-Pregnancy Diet Checklist

In the increasingly polluted world that we live in, it’s important to take some precautions and necessary measures from time to time to ensure we remain in the pink of health. The need for health precautions is even more intense for women who are planning to have a baby anytime soon. Read more:

How Early Nutritional Deficiencies Affect Toddlers

The nutritional deficiencies occurring at this stage of life can bring along several diseases and disorders in toddlers. Read more

Are Protein Supplements Beneficial for People with Diabetes?

Protein is an essential nutritional component of food that provides energy to run the body. For those who want to avoid consuming foods rich in carbohydrates and fat, protein also acts as a good source of macronutrients. Read more

Dietary Tips for Lactating Mothers

You are a lactating mom keen on giving your baby the best in nutrition. Now, what you eat matters a lot. A healthy diet will help you supply nutrients to the baby in the required proportions, and replenish the nutrient loss in your own body caused by lactation. Conversely, a poor diet will impact your health, making you feel tired, irritated and prone to conditions. Read more

How you can help your baby’s brain to develop? - Danone India

Your baby’s brain is complex, made up of several areas that control his body’s functioning. From your baby’s motor movements to his emotional responses, the brain has a role to play. Simply put, neurons in the brain create pathways or connections that develop at a very quick pace. This is especially the case during the initial years of your baby’s life, making it crucial for the parents to ensure that they can help the development. Read more

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During This Quarantine, Danone India Provides you some tips to stay active in and around home in this COVID-19 situation. Read the blog.

Tips on Talking to children about and during Covid-19 Pandemic

There are some steps that parents and caregivers can take to help children that cope in talking about and during Covid-19 Pandemic. Read some tips on this article.

What is prebiotic GOS & FOS?

Prebiotics Gos and Fos are non-digestible dietary carbohydrates that travel to the colon intact and are able to selectively stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria. The beneficial bacteria enhance our gut health. This boosts our immune system, while reducing health problems to a great extent. There is a strong correlation between the immune system and the health of gastrointestinal tract, as about 70%-80% of all immune cells are present in the gut.

Friendly Bacteria For Developing Immune System In Newborns

The Baby’s gut, with its nutrient-rich and favorable environment, nurtures beneficial bacteria to grow in number. Friendly bacteria present in our gut aids in digestion, absorption, and the production of a significant amount of B vitamins and enzymes. They produce many essential by products in the gut, which act as a barrier to the growth of harmful bacteria thus protecting against ailments and infection.

How does immune system develop in babies?

Babies are born with immature immune system, but they still have some protection due to innate immunity (inbuilt immunity babies are born with) to start with. Antibodies and few beneficial bacteria are also passed to babies during and after birth from their mother which pay the path for healthy living.

WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months with timely introduction of weaning foods and continuing breastfeeding until 2yrs and beyond. Breast milk provides the best start in an infant’s life and is the best and complete source of nutrition for a baby, which also supports their developing immune system.

Research is currently underway to understand the impacts of COVID-19 infection on pregnant women. Data are limited, but at present there is no evidence that they are at higher risk of severe illness than the general population. To know more, visit the post.

Dexolac is powdered milk substitute. It is specially designed for the baby’s overall growth & development.The milk fat with B Palmitate improves energy intake and calcium absorption, thereby strengthens the bones*. Dexolac is suitable for babies in the 0 to 24 months age group. Read more on :

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