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New Layla Site

Our New website has been launched. Checkout Now!!!

Brand Comparison - Purple Vs Layla Sleep | Shop The Layla

Layla Sleep has copper infused mattresses in comparison to the Purple's mattress with layers of gel grid designed with open sections. Copper keeps your healthy a and gives cool sleep. Visit our website to know more.

Air cool memory foam mattress | Most comfortable mattress

Here at ** Layla Sleep**, you will get the best mattress in Connecticut. Our mattresses are made keeping the mind the common sleeping trends and patterns. We at Layla make the most comfortable mattresses. Contact us Today for more.

Air cool memory foam mattress | The best mattress brand - Local Directory Blog Article By Layla Sleep

The Layla mattresses are made of copper for a cooler effect and cleaner sleep. Our cool mattresses give support to hips, shoulders, and back.
For more details, please call us at 844-775-2952.

Layla Sleep: Cooling Supportive Bamboo Sheets - Durable Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo is a naturally cool material that gives a soft plush feel. We make antibacterial bamboo sheets at reasonable rates.
Read our blog for details.

Cooling Supportive Bamboo Sheets – Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets – Layla Sleep

Layla sleep offers cool and supportive bamboo bed sheets. Bamboo bed sheets can be a great choice for you as these are Soft, cool, and comfortable. The bamboo fibers are naturally cool, 3 degrees cooler than cotton to be precise.

Layla Weighted Blanket - Hexagon quilting - Soft fabric

The Layla Blanket is a great option for people with anxiety and restlessness. It has a clean, soft, easily washable surface. The top of the blanket is plush and soft. Our weighted blanket will help you get a calm and secure feeling when you sleep.


Layla weighted blanket | Clean cooling supportive blankets

Layla weighted blanket | Clean cooling supportive blankets

Layla Sleep has introduced new weighted blankets for its customers. Weighted blankets have been used by people for many years to help people dealing with anxiety and restlessness and it is now becoming a popular choice for sleepers. The pressure blanket by Layla Sleep gives Deep Touch Pressure. DTP is a soft gentle pressure all through your body that feels like a hug. This pressure helps in releasing serotonin levels in your body that helps to make your body feel better. This also helps the people who have the problem of tossing and turning at night and feel restless.

The main features of our cotton weighted blanket are-
*1. Smooth Bottom Layer: *Made from a thread-count of 300 and 100% cotton, the Layla blanket has a clean, soft, easily washable surface. Stitching is of good quality in a Layla-designed hexagon pocket quilts that complements the look of your bed.

2. Fleecy Top Layer: Run your hands over the nice, furry and soft fabric of our blanket. The top layer is plush, soft, Minky fur which is completely washable and very luxurious.

*3. Clean, Quiet Fill: *It has 100% small glass beads that are sewn between the 2 layers. This type of sewing keeps the blanket weight even all across and also soft and quiet. The hexagonal quilting helps to keep the weight evenly distributed across the entire blanket.

Our plush and soft Stress blanket are available at 3 size options. The specifications are-

  • Twin at $119
  • Queen at $149$
  • King at $169

With Layla Sleep, you get Free shipping, 120 nights trial period and 5 years warranty on our blanket. The 100% glass bead fill in the blanket is completely lead-free and filled in between the layers of soft poly-fill. On the outside, two different fabrics give you dual choices in coziness. The Layla weighted blanket is completely machine washable and has durable sewing, with three different sizes and weights to suit any type of sleeper.

Layla understands how important is sleep for you for your good health. Good and comfortable sleeping conditions help in relaxing the mind and you wake up fresh and active. Keeping this mind, we have come up with the best sleeping products for you in Connecticu1, like:

1. Ma1tress
2. Pillow
4.Bed Frame
5. Foundation
6. Bamboo sheets
7. Weighted Blankets
To order your blanket or any other products, you can contact us at 844–775–2952.


Choose the Right Pillow for a Good Night Sleep - Layla Sleep

Choose the Right Pillow for a Good Night Sleep - Layla Sleep

In order to sleep soundly and peacefully, you must have a proper sleeping posture. The pillow is a great deciding factor in this. If your neck and shoulders do not sufficiently support, your spine and body can go out of alignment. In this blog, we will help you pick the best pillow with some factors you can keep in mind while buying a pillow.

  1. Comfort: The firmness level of the pillow should be put to test when you go to buy a pillow. Lie down on it and see if your head sinks on it. If it does, it may hinder your breathing. Air circulation is one of the most major priorities.

  2. Support: You might not notice it much, but the kind of support is an important factor in deciding your pillow comfort. Good support will help to keep your back and neck properly aligned and with time the same position will become comfortable.

  3. Temperature: You must buy a pillow that stays cool for a longer time. No matter how comfortable hot pillows feel, they can never surpass cooling pillow. Cooling foam pillows stay cool for a longer time.

  4. Budget: Invest in a pillow that fits your requirements and pocket as well. Compare 3 to 4 pillows, test them and then decide the best.

What makes Memory foam pillows a great choice?

It is a very unique feeling when you experience a memory foam. Its texture can withstand any kind of pressure. Memory foam has dual properties. It has viscosity of water and elasticity of poly foams. This is why cooling foam pillow is so popular. When you rest your head on it, the foam compresses and balances your body weight.

*These features of memory foam pillows, make them a good choice because-
It provides excellent support for head and neck when you sleep.
Your body weight get evenly distributed which in turn eliminates any pressure points.

Layla Sleep manufactures memory foam pillows that is plush and soft. Our copper pillow is made from Kapok fiber making it the best pillow for necks. If you have been long suffering from body pain, you must try our pillow once!

Daily Mom loves the design of our mattress - Layla Sleep

Daily Mom has positive reviews to share for Layla Mattress. It loves the design and pain management structure of the mattress. You can read the whole blog on our site to know more or call at 855-358-1676

Nasal congestion at night leads to tossing, turning, and probably some extra morning coffee. Many adults suffer from nasal congestion at night. Here are some tips. Contact Now!

Flippable Two-sided Mattresses | 120 night trial Mattress

Are you looking for the Flippable Mattresses? Layla Sleep has flippable firmness mattress with one Side Soft and the other Side Firm. Experience comfortable sleep with Layla mattresses. Call at 855-358-1676 for more.

Flippable firmness mattress - The best mattress brand 2018

Layla mattresses come with double firmness options. You can either sleep on the softer side or the form side, whatever suits you! To order our flippable copper infused mattress, call us at 855-358-1676 or visit our website.

Benefits of Layla Mattress | Pain-free and better sleep

Layla Mattress has been designed in a way that gives you a cool and comfortable sleep. It keeps you reduce stress and stay away from any disease. With two firmness level, soft and firm, you can sleep in your own comfort level. Call us at 855-358-1676 to order yours!

Best Memory Foam Mattress Brand - Shop the Mattress

We can help you with our Layla Sleep product if you have the habit of sleeping at your side. You can have a pain free sleeping experience now with our back pain mattress. Contact us at 855-358-1676 for more.

Flippable Firmness Mattress | Thermo Gel Mattress

Layla Sleep offers thermo gel mattress which gives better support at the right places. Layla Mattress has flippable firmness, giving you the benefit of two comfort levels in one. Call us now for more information.

The Benefits of Sleeping on Your Side | Layla Mattress

If you have the habit of sleeping on your side, you must rejoice because Layla Mattresses are best for side sleepers. Not only does it help in reducing snoring but also helps in neck and back pain. For more details please visit our website.

What’s so Special about a Layla Mattress? Where do we start.

Layla Sleep produces one of the finest copper infused bedding. Our products include mattresses, pillows, topper, foundation and bed frame. 120 nights trial on all products! Contact for more information.

Soft & Silky Bamboo Bed Sheets - Cool and Supportive Fiber

The Bamboo sheets are the latest product launched by Layla Sleep. You can choose your color of choice between white and grey. Bamboo keeps you naturally cool and is also antimicrobial. Call us at 855-358-1676 to order your bamboo bed sheets.

Best memory foam mattress brand - Mattress Intervention

If you are having any trouble getting up in the morning sleeping on your existing mattress, its time for you to buy a new one! Try our copper infused mattresses for a pain-free sleeping experience.
For More details call at 855-358-1676.

Best Memory Foam Pillow - copper pillow

It is important to choose a nice comfortable pillow to make sure you have a good night's sleep. Layla Sleep makes soft copper pillows. Copper gives a cooling effect when you sleep. Buy our copper pillow on our website or call us at 855-358-1676.

7 Tips for Getting Rid of Pain in the Morning

To get rid of the back pain that you feel when you wake up, it is necessary that you chose the right mattress. The copper-infused mattress by Layla Sleep helps to keep your back stiff and straight while you sleep.

Cooling Supportive Bamboo Sheets - Bamboo Bedding

Layla Sleep offers the Best Bamboo Sheets that give a luxurious and soft feel. Our antibacterial bamboo sheets are available in 6 size options, Queen, Twin, Cal King, King, Full and Twin XL. Order Today!

Antimicrobial Foam Mattress | Cooling Mattress by Layla Sleep

We offer the finest mattress for back pain and best pillow for neck pain in the US. We manufacture copper infused mattresses and pillows that give a cooler and pain-free sleep. Now get $100 off Mattress & free pillow in our Spring Sale!

What’s your mattress got to do with back pain? Everything.

Layla Sleep offers you the layered foam back pain mattress. It keeps your back aligned and ensure that you are not sinking. The Layla mattresses are more supportive, deeper and give you longer uninterrupted sleep.
Contact us at 844-775-2952

Air cool memory foam mattress | The best mattress brand – Layla Sleep

At Layla, we know the importance of sleep for your well being. Having proper sleeping conditions helps in relaxing the mind and you wake up fresh and active and full of energy. Keeping this mind, we make the best sleeping products for, like: