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Headline for Facts about the Maldives that is sure to pique your interest - Great conversation starters!
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Facts about the Maldives that is sure to pique your interest - Great conversation starters!

The pristine beaches and the sun-soaked glorious sands enveloped by swaying palm trees aren't the only things that the Maldives should be known for. Here are more!


The country is made of more than 1000 islands

You probably already knew that the Maldives consists of many tiny islands. In fact, to be exact it consists of 1190 low-lying coral islands, out of which only 200 of them are inhabited while less than 100 of the islands are dedicated to some of the best resorts in Maldives. This means, these are private islands and are entirely dedicated for private villas and resorts like the Naladhu Private Island Maldives.


The weekends are switched

While the entire world refers to Saturdays and Sundays as weekends, in the Maldives, it is Fridays and Saturdays. Yes, Sunday is a usual working day! Let that bizarre fact sink in!


World's first underwater cabinet meeting

Due to the rising concerns the islands are facing due to global warming, the President decided to host a cabinet meeting at the bottom of the ocean to increase awareness and come with plans for sustainable tourism. What a great initiative?!


The literacy rate is 98%

In 1978, the literacy rate was only 70% after which UNICEF aided the country to come up with a unified education that focused on promoting education to all children and their caregivers. The result of these implementations is what has led to the current 98% which the country brags about.


Alcohol is allowed only in hotels and resorts

Because it is a strictly Islamic country, alcohol is prohibited everywhere except in resorts. Also, the import of pork and products are illegal. Therefore, do not carry any products with you. The airport customs are bound to check!


It is safe

The Maldives is one of the safest holiday destinations in the world and is therefore suitable for anyone and everyone.


The smallest country in Asia

While the Maldives is considered as the world's smallest county in Asia, it is the smallest Muslim country in the world!


The Maldives was formed by an exiled Indian prince

Before Prince Adeetta arrived, the Maldives was inhabited by those who came from India and had no government or leader. The prince, who was banished from his Kingdom in India by his father, was sent to the Maldives where he formed the Solar Dynasty. Although at present it is a 100% Islam country, it has its vague history where there were Hinduism and Buddhism. In fact, there still are some ancient ruins of stupas left.