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Headline for Planning a Grand Beach Wedding in Sri Lanka - Creating the Picture-Perfect beach setting for Saying 'I do'
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Planning a Grand Beach Wedding in Sri Lanka - Creating the Picture-Perfect beach setting for Saying 'I do'

When planning a grand beach wedding, there are several practical issues that need to be addressed. These issues range from selecting the date and venue to ensuring that your guests are comfortable.


The Wedding Industry in Sri Lanka

Weddings in Sri Lanka, especially in the past decade or so, have become an industry in its own right. From photographers to flowers to music, all services related to a wedding have increased in price, thereby making weddings one of the most expensive endeavours. This is especially so in the capital city of Colombo with many high-end hotels offering wedding packages at exorbitant prices with additional luxury opt-ins that cost even more. While this is perfect for those who do not have a budget to stick to, it can be prohibitive for those who do. In this context, many couples prefer to select venues outside Colombo and further prefer to opt for outdoor weddings. As a result, beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular.


First Order of Business: Selecting the Date

One might think that choosing the venue is at the top of their priority list because some dates may be in high demand and may be already booked out. Prior to making the booking at your chosen venue, however, there is one thing that you need to decide: the date. This is especially important since you hope to have a beach wedding. Because the wedding ceremony (and sometimes even the reception) will be held outdoors, it is important that you take into account the monsoon period and the inter-monsoon rains.


Choosing the Venue

While you may have settled on the idea of a beach wedding, it is imperative that you select the venue as soon as possible. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to get a head start on researching the best beaches so that the setting is perfect. While some of the better beaches in Sri Lanka will undoubtedly be located far away from Colombo, for those looking for a convenient location close to the capital, a bit of research on many a Sri Lanka luxury villa the likes of Anantara Peace Have Tangalle might give you some interesting options.



Since a wedding is almost always full of decorations, couples may wish to consider decoration options for a beach wedding as well. Firstly, it pays to keep in mind that the natural ambience and the scenic backdrop of the ocean adds a little something to the ceremony without having to pay a cent to decorate it.


Think of the Convenience of the Guests

A beach wedding means that there are a few practical issues that merit consideration. These include setting up a shoe station where guests can swap out their fancy shoes for flip-flops. Another thoughtful gesture is to include a sun care stand filled with sunglasses and hats as well as sunscreen.


Secure Everything!

One of the most important things to keep in mind when planning a beach wedding and one that is often forgotten by many couples and sometimes even wedding planners is to secure everything. One of the best things to do is to secure down tablecloths with heavy and sturdy centrepieces which can weigh down the tablecloths. Avoid tall and flimsy centrepieces for these can get knocked over by the wind. Also, opt for heavy plates and silverware which can also aid in securing the linen.