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Bizzare things to eat in Indonesia - A guide for the risk takers!

Here's a list of some of the most bizarre foodstuff you can try when in the beautiful Bali.



The Lawar is basically a salad. What kind of salad? One made out of uncooked pork and blood. This salad mostly appears along with rice dishes in Bali, like the nasi campur or the nasi babi guling. Besides, there are two kinds of Lawar. The white lawar, known as the Lawar putih is one made with jackfruits, coconut slices and string beans. This isn't the one that was talked about. The other one, the red Lawar, known as lawar merah has slices of raw pork and pigs blood in it. If you're looking to try food whilst on a cruise in Indonesia, some properties such as Alila Purnama, offer memorable cruise packages.


Rujak Kuah Pindang

Rujak Kuah Pindang is a dish of tangy fruit salad served in tuna broth. And most tourists are baffled at why the locals love it so much. Plus, the Rujak is very spicy although it's a salad made out of fruits due to the addition of chillies. There are many different variations of the salad and it includes fruits like the jicama, mangoes, young papaya, star fruits and many others. The fruits are cut open by a jagged knife and then a dressing made of salt, chillies and liquified shrimp paste is added to it. Although you may find other versions of the Rujak in different parts of south-east Asia, Bali has taken it a step further and adds tuna broth!



This too is another bizarre salad and it is popular among the people living alongside the coastal line in Bali. The bulung or seaweed has two variations. One is the bulbous type and the other a stringy one. Both types of seaweed are served with kuah pindang chilli and a tuna broth. The dish is finished off with a topping of grated burnt coconut and some fried nuts.



The Urutan is another popular dish among the Balinese community. A dish the foreigners might find bizarre. This is basically a dish of sausages that are made out of pig intestines. Although some Americans and Europeans might be quite familiar with skins of sausages being filled in blood that is congealed, in Bali the urutan has a different take. This is actually an offshoot of the babi guling and the looks of the raw meat may put you off. However, the meat when cut and fried and served to you is meant to be absolutely delicious.



The Keluak is a type of fruit which is popular among many of the South Asian dishes. Be warned, the ripe and raw keluak's seeds contain hydrogen cyanide in them which is highly toxic. Therefore, the keluak fruits need to be cooked to be consumed. When the fruit is first boiled or even roasted in ash that is really hot, the toxic chemicals can be neutralised rendering it safe for consumption. The fruits add aroma and flavour to the dish.

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