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5 Religious Destinations in Bodhgaya - For the culture buffs

Bodh Gaya is a place of utmost beauty and shares with the world different shades of Buddhism that is practised around the world. Here is a list of 5 must-visit religious places to visit in Bodh Gaya.


Mahabodhi Temple

The Mahabodhi Temple has been titled a UNESCO World Heritage site which is an ancient temple that has been reconstructed time and time again and still stands today. This Buddhist temple is located in Bodh Gaya which is about ninety-six kilometres from Patna in the Bihar State, a state in India. The temple is a place of high value as it is stated that it is the place where Buddha got enlightenment. If you're looking for Bodhgaya hotels, properties the likes of Oaks Bodhgaya would be a good place to start.


Indosan Nipponji Temple

Do you want to experience the best of Buddhist temples in the Japanese style? Then this is just the place to visit, the Indosan Nipponji Temple, for a truly exquisite experience. The temple is located around fifteen kilometres away from the city centre and it is one of the beautiful temples in the place. Established in 1972, the primary objective of the temple was to preserve and spread the teaching of Lord Buddha. This temple is also a primary place where you can witness Japanese architecture at its finest with all its intricate details. You also have facilities allowing you to meditate at the temple. Meditation usually begins at around 5 pm.


Great Buddha Statue

The Great Buddha Statue cannot be missed on your trip to Bodh Gaya. Ask anyone, and they'll point you towards the statue. This is one of the many places Buddhists pilgrims make a stopover at when in Bodh Gaya. The statue stands tall at 19.5 meters in a popular meditation pose atop a lotus. The statue took seven years to build with the help of twelve thousand masons. The statue is made out of red granite and sandstone blocks and is one of the largest states built in the country.


The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi tree is a revered ancient fig tree that is considered sacred and is located in Bodh Gaya. This tree located in Bodh Gaya, is estimated to be less than one hundred and thirty years old and it is also believed that this tree is the 5th descendant of the original tree. The original tree was planted 25 centuries ago. The history of the tree and its saplings makes for an interesting story.


The Vietnamese Temple

This magnificent temple was established by the government of Vietnam who built a temple in India to revive the teachings of Lord Buddha. The architecture, on the other hand, is marvellous and is Vietnamese themed. As the temple was built only recently, there are some brilliant modern features added to it. The 'must go' place when you visit this temple is none other than the Buddha statue located inside. Make sure to take a stroll around the well-manicured gardens that surround the temple. After a time exploring the temple, the gardens help one to relax and unwind. Helps one reflect on the day's revelations too.