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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Snorkelling and diving spots around Townsville - An in-depth guide for the water adventurers!
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Snorkelling and diving spots around Townsville - An in-depth guide for the water adventurers!

If you want to go on a diving spree, Townsville is just the place for it, having many dive sites close-by. What more? Some of them are rated one of the best in the world. You are in for a treat this vacation in Townsville. Here's a list of places you need to check out for snorkelling and diving.


SS Yongala

It doesn't come off as a surprise as to why this dive spot is rated one of the best dive sites in the world today. With just a single dive you will be able to cross out 6 of the Great Eight, except for clams and whales, which is quite an achievement. The wreck, SS Yongala, sank in the year of 1911, and since then, the isolated reef keeps attracting schools of fish, manta rays, sea snakes, clownfish, turtles and so much more. And the sea snakes generally start to follow you during your dive to eat food that has been stirred up by your diving gear. In your dive session, it is likely you will spot some reef sharks, trevally, and Maori wrasse. You are definitely in for some fun! If you're looking for accommodation around the region, Townsville holiday apartments, the likes of Oaks M on Palmer, offer a comfortable stay.


Lodestone Reef

If you're planning to make a memorable diving experience in the Lodestone Reef, then you can find dive sites closely located to Townsville and Magnetic Island. Thus, you can enter from either point. Like most outer reefs in the region, this reef has plenty of dive sites. Some reefs are more secure than others and the boat operator will choose which one is most appropriate on the day of the dive, taking weather and other factors into consideration. The dive sites range from having coral mommies atop sandy terrains, to gullies that are deep having vibrantly coloured walls where many varieties of fish enter the currents. Underwater visibility is mostly good and has depths starting at one meter to twenty meters thus both snorkelers and divers, either beginners or professionals can have a wonderful experience.


Magnetic Island

Head to the sandy bays set on the east side of the Magnetic Island. Here you'll find coral reefs that are found from three meters to twelve meters down underwater. On the east side of the Magnetic Island, the water is crystal clear so diving here is sublime. Plus, you can also explore some shallow wrecks located in the area. What more? These wrecks often enchant and attract a number of fish species from batfish to sergeant fish, all that can be witnessed first-hand. Some of the most well know sites are located here in the Arthur Bay, Alma Bay, and Florence Bay.


Pelorus Island

Pelorus Island offers another exciting experience for the adventurers. You can both snorkel and dive here. Plan to make a trip out of it in the weekend where you can join a safari trip that also has night camping as part of their package. The islands boast of so many underwater marvels from an incredible coral species, about 310 species of them, with both soft and hard corals. Marine life includes manta rays, sharks, turtles and more than 990 varieties of fish.