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Top 20 European Crowd Investing Platforms

The list below contains the most accessible and easy to register with crowd investing platforms from Europe. All of them follow 3 criteria:

  • they have an English version of the website so it's accessible to people outside their country
  • the website is up and running and there are at least some loans available on the market
  • the registration is easy for anybody, at least from anybody inside the European Union

The websites are from different crowd investing domains: peer to peer lending platforms, real estate crowd investing, debt or equity crowdfunding.





Mintos, the biggest peer to peer lending platform in Europe, gives every new user 0.75% bonus on all investments made in the first 3 months. The bonus is paid in 3 instalments, at 30, 60 and 90 days after you registered.
The typical return rates for investments in Mintos are around 10-12%.
They also have a buyback policy for loan payments that are more than 60 days late, so you're money is safe with them.

Neo Finance

Neo Finance is a peer to peer lending platform from Lithuania. It has more than 5000 active investors and the average return rate is about 14%.
Neo Finance offers 10 EUR free cash bonus to new users.


EstateGuru is a peer to peer lending platform that offers short-term property-backed loans from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and UK.
EstateGuru gives new users 0.5% cash back on all investments made in the first 3 months. The typical returns for investors are around 12%.


Envestio is a crowd investing platform based in Estonia. The investments offered have a yearly interest rate between 12% and 22%.
Envestio gives you 5 EUR cash bonus when you deposit your first 100 EUR in your account. It will also give you a 0.5% bonus on all investments made in the first 270 days after you opened your account.


Bondora is an Estonian company that started to offer peer to peer consumer loans in 2009. It offers loans from Estonia, Finland, Slovakia and Spain. The typical returns for the users are around 10%.

All new users receive a 5 EUR bonus when they register.

Property Partner

Property Partner is a crowdfunding platform that buys real estate properties and it either rents them or sells them.
Investors can buy shares in the properties on the platform and receive profits when the properties are sold or receive monthly cash dividends from the rent income.




Seedrs gives you 10 GBP bonus if you invest on their platform at least 50 GBP in the first 30 days after you opened an account with them.

It's a crowd investing platform where you can invest in startups by buying shares in their companies. You get profits only if the company is successful.


Brickowner is a relatively new property crowd investing platform in the UK. With just 100 GBP, it lets you own a portion of property investment in the UK.

The projected returns on the investments start from around 8% and go up to 20% per year. Typical investment periods range from 1 to 5 years.

Fast Invest

Fast Invest is a peer to peer lending platform offering loans from multiple European lenders.
You can invest either manually or create an automatic profile and return rates are around 14%.


PeerBerry is a new peer to peer lending marketplace launched in November 2017.
The loans offered are only in EUR and have a usual return between 10-12%. All the loans come with a buyback guarantee, that also covers the accrued interest.


Viventor launched their platform in 2015 and they offer consumer loans, business loans, invoice financing or loans secured by real-estate, issued by 3rd party loan originators across Europe.
The interest rates range from 8% to 12% and most of the loans come with a buyback guarantee or payment guaranteed policy.

Twino P2P

Twino is a Latvian-based peer-to-peer lending marketplace that started in 2009 and focuses on unsecured consumer loans.
All the loans available on Twino come with a buyback guarantee or a payment guaranteed policy. The interest rates are between 8% and 12%.

British Pearl

British Pearl is a UK property investment platform that lets you invest as either shareholder or lender and receive monthly rental income or interest.

Typical investment exits for rental properties is 5 years and for development properties, 2 years. You can also exit your investment earlier on the secondary market by selling it to other investors.


Crowdestor is a real estate crowdfunding platform based in Estonia. It offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate from as little as 100 EUR.
The investment annual return rates are around 15%.


Crowdestate is a real estate crowdfunding platform based in Estonia. You can either finance or get funding for a real estate development project.
The minimum investment is 100 EUR and currently, there are more than 25.000 investors on the platform with an investment return of over 20%.

Abundance Investment

Abundance Investment is a UK based investment platform opened in 2012. It offers green investments that contribute to a better world.
Return rates vary by the project from 5% to 12%.

The platform lets investors buy debentures and receive shares of the profits from the sale of green energy.


Crowdcube is the largest UK crowd investing platform with more than 630.000 members, making it the largest community of equity investors in Europe.
The startups on the platform are looking for funding and offers shares from the company to their investors.


WiseAlpha is an online platform that offers individual investors senior secured and high yield corporate bonds and loans from UK companies.

The average returns for investors are around 8%.


Grupeer is a p2p lending platform from Latvia that offers both consumer loans and real estate development loans with a return rate for investors of 14%.




Bulkestate is an Estonian p2p lending platform that lets you invest in real estate development projects. The interest rates on the projects funded so far range from 13% to 19%.

You can invest from anywhere in the world with as little as 50 EUR.