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Updated by vladvorobev on Jun 24, 2019
If Seeing the World Helps Ruin It, Should We Stay Home?

In the age of global warming, traveling — by plane, boat or car — is a fraught choice. And yet the world beckons.

Honeybees just had a record winter die-off

2018's winter was particularly harsh on U.S. honeybees.

Facebook's cryptocurrency ambitions aren't likely to get far

In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg decided he was going to reinvent the smartphone. Facebook Money will probably go the way of the Facebook Phone.

Chasing High Self-Esteem Is Making Us Miserable

“We think of boosts to self-esteem as analogous to sugar: tasty but not nutritious.”

HBO Imagines How Trumpian Politicians Will Destroy the World

A new miniseries starring the great Emma Thompson envisions how populist politicians (like Trump) will wreak havoc on planet Earth—from nuclear war to ravaging the environment.

Philosopher Alan Watts on the meaning of life

He reminds us that meaning is wherever we choose to look.

Ursula K. Le Guin on Suffering and Getting to the Other Side of Pain

“All you have is what you are, and what you give.”

A huge new Russian propaganda effort is attacking much more than Facebook

The ongoing disinformation campaign spread rumours and falsehoods, including about a remainer plot to assassinate Boris Johnson across 30 online networks. But it has totally failed

Ukraine holds its largest gay pride event

Organisers say around 8,000 attended the Kiev parade - up from 5,000 last year.

BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Anna Akhmatova

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the life and work of the celebrated Russian poet.

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The Remains Of Stalin’s Dead Road

In Russia’s arctic wilderness, the remnants of one of the Soviet Union’s most tragic gulag projects now lies largely forgotten.

Male contraceptive could be near as trial of gel begins

450 couples will try for a year using gel applied daily to chest, shoulders and upper arms

BBC World Service - The World This Week, MH17 prosecution ties Russia down

This week's charges thrust Crimea back into the spotlight - and keep sanctions going

How Russian dubbing ruins your favorite movies

Russians are used to watching foreign movies adapted for the home market. But this approach has some major drawbacks – from strangely translated titles to butchered idioms and bad lip-synching.

Putin’s Hybrid War, Like World War I but More Slowly, Creating a Revolutionary Situation, Shtepa Says

Paul Goble             Staunton, June 21 – Like many authoritarian leaders, Vladimir Putin has assumed that he could use aggression ab...

How to Be Good

Can moral philosophy teach us the best way to live?

Un-Freedom of the Press

Over the last month, two events have shaken up a small corner of the Russian media landscape, which continues to strive for integrity and independence. A Meduza reporter got arrested on bogus charges of drug possession, but was eventually acquitted. Prior to that, Kommersant’s entire political desk resigned over the owner’s interference in its editorial work. The fact that such  events, which have become routine in Putin’s Russia, can still cause a stir and galvanize people to fight back, is a rare sign of hope for the Russian civil society. 

Russia suspends flights to Georgia amid unrest

President Vladimir Putin bans airlines from flying to the country following a surge of violent unrest.

The Kremlin’s Statecraft and Russia’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle

BY MAXIM TRUDOLYUBOV The talk of a thaw in Russia’s domestic politics started last year when the Kremlin proposed softening the country’s “anti-extremism”…

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What's wrong with the fight against fake news ‘Meduza’ publishes an essay written by opposition activist Leonid Volko...

Leonid Volkov, a former campaign manager for Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny, is currently serving a 20-day jail sentence. He was charged this year for actions that supposedly took place during a September 2018 protest against Russia’s increased retirement age: police officers accused Volkov of “inspiring” protesters to scratch a car. The protest was organized by the Navalny-led Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Opinion: “Chernobyl” Shows How Modern Russia’s Propaganda Machine Could Come Apart

It’s ironic that a show about narratives, and the way they can turn sour, caused Russia’s own narrative machine to show its fragility.

Is Putin Losing the Trust of Russians?

He’s facing embarrassing failures at home and abroad, and the Russian public is pushing back.

Putin dismisses MH17 evidence

The Russian president says he 'completely disagrees' with charges brought by the plane crash inquiry.