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Updated by Craig Daniels on Dec 01, 2021
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Best Ways To Stop Procrastinating in 2019

Everyone procrastinates about something in their life, and to those of us who procrastinate tend to increase our stress levels dramatically bu procrastinating.

Turns out stress is the number one cause of procrastination in the first place, and when we get stressed over procrastination we are increasing our stress levels instead of reducing them.

I've added 10 videos below, some are how-to videos and some are humorous looks at the habit of procrastination itself.

If you've got a need to procrastinate (right now) these videos are perfect for you. Take a break and watch. :)


The ONLY way to stop procrastinating | Mel Robbins

In under 4 minutes Mel Robbins gives an in-depth look into procrastination and a way out.

Robbins says that if we treat procrastination as a habit we've developed because of some stress going on in our lives we can break that habit

Sound Good? You Bet It Does

Procrastination on Vimeo

This short humorous animated video looks broadly at the things we do when we procrastinate. It'll may make you smile and laugh with relatable examples.

This video times in at 4:27

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl

Brian Johnson gives one of his clearly understandable explanations of Solving The Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl. I found it not only informative but enjoyable.

This video is longer than the rest of the videos in this list at about 15:00 minutes, but I think you'll appreciate how well Brian lays out the steps form the book.


This is the 2nd humorous animated video looking at all the things we do as we sit at our desk trying to work. It's nicely done and the background music fits really well.

6 Steps to Stop Procrastinating NOW

Lasting 11:00 minutes this video presents us with 6 steps to take when we notice ourselves falling down the rabbit hole procrastination.

The narrator starts off talking about forgiving ourselves as a first step to overcoming procrastination, which is interesting.

Procrastination | Haiku on Vimeo

Running less than 20 seconds this short video presents Haiku about procrastination. I found it thoughtful and enjoyable and watched it a number of times and will watch it some more.

How To Stop Procrastinating - A Step-by-Step Process For Busting The Worst of Procrastination

The seventh video in my list is one of the longest as well as the most dense. But I assure you Leo never fails to deliver content that is thoughtful and useful and this one is no exception.

How To Overcome Procrastination on Vimeo

We sift through the world of science, studies, data and theories to uncover what we know about procrastination and to find out if it’s possible to move beyond it.

running times is under 4 minutes

PROCRASTINATION - Best Motivational Video

This video is for those who love the rah rah motivation from the movie Rocky. This is a hit procrastination in the gut and get things done video.. I found it upbeat and fun, though I don't think it gives us much sometimes a good pep talk hits the nail on the head.

running time is under 4 minutes

Procrastination on Vimeo

This last animated video is about the struggle we all face with the countless distractions of everyday when we are connected to our computer and cell phone 24/7.

I found it thoughtful and very well done.

running time is under 2 minutes


Stop Prcrastination

Stop Prcrastination

I hope both the serious and the humorous videos on this list were helpful in your quest to better understand procrastination and it's many parts. Good Luck.

And if you found it useful please share it. Thanks