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Why do people share content, ideas, conections, photos, experiences?

TEDxMarin - Olivia Ma - Why Do We Share? - YouTube

Olivia Ma is YouTube's News Manager. She develops news-related products and programming initiatives and works closely with both news organizations and citize...

Why We Share

User Experience Designers are increasingly asked to design for social engagement with features like following, commenting, and the critical piece of the viral w

Why People Share: The Most Overlooked Part of Social Media Marketing

A lot of great marketers make lousy social media marketers. Most of the time they don't even know how bad they are at it, probably because they've been so successful in some other kind of marketing (a

Why Do We Share Stories, News, and Information With Others? - Association for Psychological Science

People often share stories, news, and information with the people around them. We forward online articles to our friends, share stories with our co-workers at the water cooler, and pass along rumors to our neighbors. Such social transmission has been going on for thousands of years, and the advent of social technologies like texting, Facebook, and other social media sites has only made it faster and easier to share content with others. But why is certain content shared more than others and what drives people to share?

Why do we share on social media | the tasselflower blog

When you ask how to get folks to share your blog posts, ReTweet your Tweets, pin your pics and so forth, you are asking the wrong question. It's not about how, it's about why.
What you really need to

Why Do You Share Photos? -

What compels you to share photos? How do you share them, and with whom?

Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption - YouTube At TEDxSydney, Rachel Botsman says we're "wired to share" -- and shows how websites like Zipcar and Swaptree are changing the rules of hum...

Tagging for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

This is my powerpoint for my Extension Session All sources and referencs can be found in the presentation wiki If you have a slide

Science of Sharing: 7 Types of Sharers

We just wrapped up our Science of Sharing event in London this evening. This event was the culmination of research by Beyond, Lexis, M Booth and Redshift all Next Fifteen Communications companies.How has social media changed the way consumers make purchase decisions? We asked 1,500 UK consume