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Headline for A guide for fishing excursions that will reel you in! - Game fishing in the island paradise
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A guide for fishing excursions that will reel you in! - Game fishing in the island paradise

If you are travelling down to the Maldives, chances are you will be looking to engage in the country's famed fishing charters. For those who are quite clueless about how it works, read on as we cover it all.


Shore fishing

The title explains the science behind this type of fishing. While you might think fishing from the shore restricts you from most of the rare fishes in the water, this is hardly the case. Thousands of fishes frequent the shores, including species like barracudas, bonefishes, small groupers and the trevally. The method used to fish differs. You have the option of choosing between live bait fishing, fly fishing, and beach casting. The species found in the seas of the islands are known to quite strong so go for tough lines and wires if you opt for lure fishing. You should also refrain from using expensive lures as they are guaranteed to be broken or caught on the corals as soon as you drop them.



The quirky name aside, this is the most popular form of game fishing in the country. The fact that the flat shallow areas are constantly visited by predatory fishes makes it even more of an appeal. You can find the same species as the above type of fishing along with plenty of tunas, amberjacks and the prized of them all, the giant trevally. Giant Trevallies are so sought after that tourists book seven-day tours just to get a swipe at one. This demand means any best resort in Maldives, the likes of Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi should have no difficulty arranging one.


Bottom fishing

This type of fishing is usually reserved for commercial purposes and is done in the reef. Live baits, cut baits, and deep drop jigging are the most commonly favoured methods. A round of bottom fishing will give you a haul of red snappers, the grouper, jack, and scarlets while yellowfins and dog tooth can be caught every now and then.


Night fishing

Night fishing is definitely one of the unique forms of fishing in the Maldives. As you can derive from the name, you will leave your resort or island after dusk falls on a Dhoni – a traditional fishing vessel used by the Maldivians – which will then anchor itself on the deep sea. Some expeditions stay the whole night while some stick around for a few hours. You can catch the emperor, the snapper, squirrelfishes, a range of mackerels to name a few.


Big game fishing

Big game fishing is for those looking for a real adrenaline rush. The country is ideally poised for this and is constantly ranked among the top destinations for big game fishing. Expect to get your hands on species like marlins, sailfishes and dorados, all in the one-day trip! In addition to that, the Maldives has no offseason so big game fishing can be done all year round, although the migration and movement of fish can vary with each month so that is something you will have to think of.