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Headline for Top 6 Must Try Street Foods in Bangkok – Mouth-watering Treats for the Food Lover
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Top 6 Must Try Street Foods in Bangkok – Mouth-watering Treats for the Food Lover

The city of Bangkok offers a host of attractions for the visitor. Amongst these are the city's renowned street food dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Check out some of the not to be missed foodie treats!


Coconut pancake

The popular coconut pancake will be a great choice with which to commence your Thai street food experience. These are made using flour, plenty of sugar and coconut milk in a special kind of pan. You will find that these tasty treats are crispy on their outside but moist and soft inside. Creamy and sweet, these pancakes are offered plain as well as with additions such as spring onions, corn, pumpkin and taro. You will also find pancakes with innovative toppings like seafood at some vendors.


Pork skewers

This well-known street food will be ideal as a light meal or snack. You will find that this kind of skewer is typically made from a fatty portion of meat or sirloin, creating a delicious treat for the diner. You will see that the meat is marinated using soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and garlic giving it a salty and sweet flavour. You will also find skewers marinated with milk which are also a delicious variety.


Sweet roti

You will often find this street food in neighbourhoods that are frequented by tourists, such as Khao San Road. You will see that the procedure employed by the vendors to make the roti is interesting in itself, with the vendor massaging, tossing and cooking the roti on a heated pan. Visitors will find that this roti is made from flour, egg, butter and palm oil. It is possible to obtain this roti plain, or alternatively with toppings such as chocolate, banana, Nutella, cheese or corn.


Thai barbeque skewers

Resembling the kebabs that you will find in other countries, this barbeque speciality is served on skewers. This street food is prepared gently marinated along with a glazing of ketchup, making them taste somewhat sweet. You will have the opportunity to choose from pork, chicken and beef. Usually, you will also find sliced onion, a cherry tomato, pineapple and green pepper on the skewer. Often a dash of ground pepper is applied to the skewer before serving.


Thai crepe

Sometimes referred to as 'sweet taco' these special Thai style crepes are served folded and crispy. To make this delectable street food the batter which is composed of flour, sugar and egg is cooked until it reaches the desired consistency. Then the soft cream, made from sugar and egg white, is added on top. Savoury crepes are made with spring onion, shrimp, pork threads and egg. On the other hand, the sweet variety is topped with threads of sweetened egg yolk and sometimes raisins. Restaurants in Sukhumvit offer such street food delights and if you are in search of nearby accommodation, consider options like Emporium Suites by Chatrium.


Shaved ice with syrup

If the tropical warmth in Thailand is getting you down, a delightful respite would be a shaved ice with syrup which is a well-known sweet treat in Bangkok. When you purchase this very special treat, you will find that brightly coloured syrups which you can choose, are poured into a portion of shaved ice that is shaped into a cone. You can select the toppings added, which include grass jelly, red beans, coconut jelly, corn, Sabja seed and ice cream. These toppings may be served on top or beneath the ice.