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Headline for My Top 10 Blog Posts of week 50, 2012
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My Top 10 Blog Posts of week 50, 2012

Every week I collect my favourite posts in a list. I would love to get your comments, votes and post nominations!
I publish this list on my blog every Saturday

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Why People Share: The Most Overlooked Part of Social Media Marketing «

A lot of great marketers make lousy social media marketers. Most of the time they don't even know how bad they are at it, probably because they've been so successful in some other kind of marketing (a

Inspirational Tweets: 12 Of The Wisest Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Can you be inspiring in 140 characters or less? This year, Twitter surpassed 500 million users, and while tweets from such a large base are surely not all inspiring, we'd prefer to focus on the ones that are.

8 Twitter Powerhouses you Must Follow

These 8 people are Twitter Powerhouses in their own right.

What Kind of Blogger Are You? 7 Different Blogger Types Explained.

After analyzing over 200 different bloggers, we have come up with seven different blogger types. What kind of blogger are you?

5 the the best ways to get found by google

The best ways to get found by Google is creating content that your readers like and share on social media. Simple steps to create shared content.

Is HR asking "Who Are Our People?" - Social Media says They Should | via @nickkellet

Who are your people? Does the rise of Social Media change your answer? It should. Your human resource pool is much bigger than you think.

Is your blog the center of your digital marketing universe? | Kay Walten

Blogging has grown into a digital marketing strategy for tourism businesses for profits, your social media platforms, your website views ...

Responsive web design and its effect on engagement

So imagine this for a minute; you click on a Twitter link or a Facebook post on your mobile device and what shows up makes you sigh. A full desktop formatted page comes up. You want to read the content and even pinch the screen to enlarge the page. But then it enlarges on a part of the page not even