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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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4 Tips to know before travelling to the Maldives - Preparation mode on!

The Maldives is one gorgeous place to visit, and you must at some point in your life. However, let's look at some tips before you plan your trip here.


The Bioluminescent Beach must not be missed

Visiting the Baa Atoll or the Bioluminescent Beach as it's widely known should definitely be among the top travel tips to know before you set even one foot on this journey. You will witness a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these plankton emitting luminescent toxins during the night underneath the picturesque sky, mirroring the starry look above on the ocean bed. While many resorts offer bioluminescent tours, you should always verify their authenticity first. Another thing to note is the timing of this phenomenon, make sure you know this beforehand so that you may arrange your visit accordingly. Of all the attractions in Maldives, this is one for the memories.


Check and compare prices for water activities

Among most common tips offered for anyone travelling to the Maldives on a budget, one that everyone mentions is to check the distance of the coral reefs from the resort to verify whether you can reach it by swimming or by booking a ferry. You can choose many activities from snorkelling, jet skiing, sea kayaking, diving, parasailing, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, or even whale, dolphin and manta watching trips. Compare prices offered by private organizers so you may pick accordingly. Locations that should definitely be marked on your list include the North Male Atoll for manta ray watching, the South Ari Atoll for watching dolphins and whale sharks as well as Rasdhoo Atoll for watching reef fishes, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and sea turtles. Note that there'll be many places to choose from when you're planning a visit, like the _ Niyama Private Islands Maldives_ for example


Pack wisely

There are certain rules about packing to the Maldives. Always make sure you avoid pork, alcohol or tobacco products along with any religious books. Considering important accessories, carry an underwater or water-resistant camera that includes a polarizer to shoot all your adventures both on land and in the sea. If you want to further minimize your budget, consider bringing snorkelling, diving or surfing gear with you so that you don't have to rent them. Stick to tropical friendly clothing and swimsuits to be used on private islands as most dress somewhat conservatively. Other things to consider packing are toiletries, sunscreen, surf wax, a medical emergency kit and your personal care products.


Follow the basic unwritten rules of the land

Do not plan to visit during the period of Ramadan as this month is usually when all the hotel staff will be with their families. Another thing that will affect you during this time is the availability of food during the daytime which would end up being a challenge since most services and shops would be closed. Do not expect to find pork or alcohol during your stay within this month. Always make sure you are decently covered, especially noting your knees, shoulders, chest, abdomen and elbows when you visit the local islands. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon as well.