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Technical Insights

Here is some trending technical news I've read in the past. Please add your faves to the list so I can discover more. And don't forget to vote for your faves!

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Review

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin is one of the best gaming laptops

The best wearable devices you can buy right now (Winter 2018)

Smartwatches haven't been the smashing success that many manufacturers hoped they would be, but that doesn't mean all of them are bad or useless. Not... by Android Police Team in Android Police Most Wanted, News, TicWatch Pro

Android: One Stop Destination for App Creation in Wearable Devices - Negosentro

With the rapid advancement in the technology, wearable devices top the trends. They come with advanced processing powers, and many more. Read on

Fashion for the Uber-Geek: Wearable Technology

Picture this: You're waiting at the bus stop or standing in line for coffee, and you want to check tonight's movie times. So you unzip the front pocket of your jacket, fold it down, and there's your iPad on a sturdy ledge,...

Lists made social - Listly

Top 10 lists authored by the Listly community of bloggers and publishers. Make cool lists and fun listicles on Listly, share them on Facebook and Twitter, and embed them on your blog or website.

Leadership, Courage And The Digital Concierge: An Interview With Pete Blackshaw

Pete Blackshaw is a name you should know if you follow the intersection of Digital Transformation and marketing. Blackshaw recently announced that he's moving into the CEO role at Cintrifuse, a Cincinnati based startup community. We discussed the state of digital as he gears up for his new role...

The Missing vision to Run an Educational Institute

If you look at the 5,816,673 strong teaching workforce only in elementary schools in India, you will immediately see what we are getting at

Big data company Teradata acquires UK’s Big Data Partnership – TechCrunch

More consolidation in the so-called big data space. Publicly-listed U.S. big data company Teradata has acquired London-based Big Data Partnership, a startup that provides big data solutions and training to help companies become more savvy in the use of, well, big data. You may have noticed a recurring theme here.

Microsoft’s ML.NET: A blend of machine learning and .NET

Microsoft announced a top-tier open source and cross-platform framework ML.NET, built to support model-based machine learning for .NET developers.

How software development can be improved through data analytics | Information Management

Software underpins nearly every business process. Moreover, developing a unique solution for your business gives you a pinch of reliability and flexibility.

The reasons why Abenomics is sputtering can be summed up with two words: public relations. More than six years on, it’s still more PR than clear product.

What is the Single Biggest Problem Faced by Startups Today?

When startups fail, we all know that a major reason is that they run out of a funding runway, it's not that their products are bad.

InstantShift - Web Designers and Developers Daily Resource.

Like how the way the applications make iPhones extraordinary, the best WordPress modules will undoubtedly transform a common WordPress site into an interesting one.

Qualcomm wants your phone to drive your next VR and AR headsets – TechCrunch

Qualcomm wants to create a new device category, XR viewer headsets, that combine the compute power of its current Snapdragon 855 platform with the speed of 5G on a smartphone to provide you with mobile VR and AR experiences — or ‘Extended Reality,’ as Qualcomm likes to call it — with six degrees of freedom tracking. The company announced this new initiative at MWC in Barcelona and noted that it expects OEMs like Pico to launch devices later this year.

How to Build Your First Static Site with Gatsby — SitePoint

Thinking about getting on the JAMStack bandwagon? If your answer is yes, then static site generator Gatsby could be just what you're looking for.

Here’s The Best Way to Craft a Business Plan!

Do you believe in any miracles? Well, in the world of business the term does not exist at all. At every stage, you need to prove your value. Having a bullet-proof business plan can definitely help you out in making your venture last for the long run.

The CEO of Thai property development company Sansiri, Apichart Chutrakul shares his secrets of success with Forbes Asia.

Hackers conquer Tesla’s in-car web browser and win a Model 3 – TechCrunch

A pair of security researchers dominated Pwn2Own, the annual high-profile hacking contest, taking home $375,000 in prizes including a Tesla Model 3 — their reward for successfully exposing a vulnerability in the electric vehicle’s infotainment system.

Best Marketing Strategies for SaaS Firms - Understanding eCommerce

Best Marketing Strategies for SaaS Firms - an interesting roundup of strategies SaaS businesses can use to ramp up their lead generation efforts.

This 25-Year-Old College Dropout Has SoftBank And Grab Backing His Plan To Dominate Budget Hotels

Founded by Ritesh Agarwal in 2012 when he was 19, Oyo franchises and leases budget hotel rooms pooled from independent property owners. The company has already amassed 515,000 rooms, making it the world’s eighth-largest hotel chain by rooms under management.

Unfolding the Samsung Galaxy Fold – TechCrunch

The Galaxy Fold is real. I’ve held it in my hands — a few of them, actually. Samsung’s briefing this morning was littered with the things, in different colors and different states of unfolded. A month or so ago, this was anything but a given.

IoT in Geolocation: Future trends and awareness

IoT in Geolocation opens up new horizons in the development of IoT-based geolocation use cases.

Uber IPO: Inside The 2008 Pitch That Birthed An $80 Billion Startup

Its best-case scenario was $1 billion in revenue and next steps were to raise a few million. Uber's 2008 pitch deck shows just how much Uber has grown since its initial vision as a competitor to taxis.

Friend portability is the must-have Facebook regulation – TechCrunch

Choice for consumers compels fair treatment by corporations. When people can easily move to a competitor, it creates a natural market dynamic coercing a business to act right. When we can’t, other regulations just leave us trapped with a pig in a fresh coat of lipstick. That’s why as the FTC considers how many billions […]

Best 15 Magento 2 Extensions in 2019 | PromotionWorld

Do you know that the Magento helps about 4 percent of eCommerce stores and multiple websites across the globe? Well, Magento is recognized as an