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Updated by Penny Christensen on Dec 24, 2018
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Top Ten Servings of 2018

Enjoy the Top Ten servings of the Hot Lunch Tray from 2018.

10. I Created A Blog Challenge & You Can Too! | Hot Lunch Tray

My message is simple. I am just a girl with a blog and I hosted a blog challenge - you can too!
And I will show you how I hosted mine.

9. Should Educators Care about their Alexa Ranking? | Hot Lunch Tray

Should educators care about the ranking that Alexa, an Amazon company, assigns them?
Here is why I believe educators who want to promote the materials or services they sell on their websites should care about their Alexa ranking.

8. Tech Integration vs. Blended Learning :: Does it Really Matter? | Hot Lunch Tray

If educators have been so confused, for so long, about the difference between technology integration and Blended Learning, does it matter?
Maybe these terms mean the same thing or so close that the difference isn’t important?

7. Sphere of Influence | Hot Lunch Tray

What influence do you hold over #edtech in your classrooms, schools, and district? And how can you use your sphere of influence to bring about the change you want?

6. 6 Tips for Success in your LMS | Hot Lunch Tray

Some tips for a successful teacher in your Learning Management System (LMS) - try these 6 tips to become a high-functioning LMS user.

5. You Need A Big Idea | Hot Lunch Tray

It is your job to keep in mind the guiding principles of your organization - not the job of the #edtech vendor to only offer the tools which align with your philosophies. You need a big idea.

4. Ace that Teacher Interview | Hot Lunch Tray

Your first interview for a teaching job or your hundredth? It doesn't matter so much.
The stakes are high all around; how do we get the right teachers in front of the right students?

3. 3 Ways to Become a Teacherpreneur | Hot Lunch Tray

When entrepreneurs are also educators it is ideal; they are never very far from their most authentic audience. A teacherprenuer has the best of both worlds!

2. Summer Reads for the Teacher | Hot Lunch Tray

Professional learners such as teachers are always learning; here are some worthwhile reads to consider this summer. Let's remember to celebrate that summer can be a time to learn in another way, by reading.

1. Show Blended Learning in a Lesson Plan | Hot Lunch Tray

How can your lesson plan make it clearer to your observing administrator the totality of what is going on in your classroom?