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Semi Precious Quartz Slabs

Semi Precious Quartz Slabs Divya Gem Stonex offers Premium quality of Semi Precious Quartz Slabs to the most valuable clients. We have one of the best collections of these slabs. We are the biggest brand providing our luxury and beautiful semi precious quartz slabs, surface and all kind of furniture. These majestic natural stone slabs are available in various prizes. Our Main Objective is to provide good quality products.

Semi Precious Stone Slabs - Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter | Divya Gem Stonex

Semi Precious Stone Slabs We have the collection of natural Semi Precious stone Slabs available with its eternal beauty of to create the different solid surface with most elegant and extraordinary designs. This consist different colors and finishes. Amethyst, Jasper, Agate, Quartz, Tiger Eye, Petrified Wood, Labradorite etc are the types of this natural stone.

Jasper Slabs | Divya Gem Stonex

Jasper Slabs We are in offering a wide range of Red Jasper Slab of high quality. This is used for flooring and countertops. Jasper is the type of Gemstone. This can be provided in various thicknesses, sizes and prices. Red Jasper looks so beautiful and after applying this at home, it becomes more beautiful. Jasper Slabs comes in various finishes.

Tiger Eye Slabs

Tiger Eye Slabs Divya Gem Stonex is best quality range of smooth mirror polished Tiger Eye Slabs. This is Gemstone material available in various length and height. Tiger Eye Semi Precious Slab has a smooth surface with outstanding heat and chemical resistance. This has long lasting life and great finishing.

Malachite Slabs

Malachite Slabs Keeping the various demands of customers in mind, we are engaged in offering Malachite Slab used in bathroom, kitchen applications etc. available in polished surface with market leading prices. This gives an elegant appearance to any space. Malachite Slabs are used in countertop, tabletop, bathroom vanity and accessories.

Gemstone Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Gemstone Slabs Divya Gem Stonex The Divya gem stonex supply and manufacture wide range of gemstone slab of a variety of designs, colour and patterns. Gem stone have a wide demand in the market owing to the posh look they impart to the places installed. The company have skilled craftsmen and excellent tools to offer these gemstone slabs a high finishing. These semiprecious gemstone slab are generally installed at restaurants, the counters of hotels, bar, museums, garden as well as swimming pool.

Semi Precious Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Semi Precious Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Semi Precious Slabs have lot of applications in the daily life. It can be used at different places in the office and houses. The applications of the Semi Precious Slabs are following: In Flooring: The implementation of this slabs in flooring give a luxurious look to the floor.From the Semi Precious Slabs various types of sink platforms, sink, vanity tops, cladding and bathtubs are made.

Semi Precious Quartz Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Semi Precious Quartz Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Semi Precious Stone is also known as Gemstone, which is a section of mineral in formation of refined and cut. This is used to make jewelry, furniture and many other decorative products. Quartz is most common and expensive mineral. Divya Gem Stonex is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Semi Precious Quartz Slabs. If you are planning to redecorate your home, office, restaurants, resorts you should choose this slab first.

Semi Precious Stone Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Semi Precious Stone Slabs Divya Gem Stonex These days everyone wants to give a unique look to the interior of their home & work space. There are various options are available in the market to help you to make your interior more beautiful. Present Time different Semi Precious Products are available that has ability to make your area so elegant. This is available in numerous beautiful colors & varieties.

Agate Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Agate Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Agate is the form of chalcedony that is microcrystalline quartz. Agate slabs are available at Divya Gem Stonex in different colours like blue, green, orange, pink, gray, banded, white, red, yellow, brown, purple, black and multicoloured. A form of chalcedony called onyx is considered a type of agate.

Petrified Wood Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Petrified Wood Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Petrified wood is essentially an outcome of a tree having entirely conversion to stone because all the organic stuff is restored by minerals. After all the processing, the result is a very sturdy material with the wood structure. The color is depending on the type of mineral. Divya Gem Stonex is the biggest exporter of Petrified Wood Slabs from India.

Green Chalcedony Slab

Green Chalcedony Slab Backed by rich industry experiences, we are highly engaged in offering a premium quality range of Green Chalcedony Slab. Divya Gem Stonex is the best manufacturer and supplier of these beautiful slabs. We provide quality materials to the customers. Our offered this stone products are highly demanded in the market.

Grey Agate Slab

Grey Agate Slab To retain our goodwill in customer's consideration, we are manufacturing, exporting and supplying an excellent range of Grey Agate Slab used in various application areas such as flooring, bathroom, walls, interior etc. This is available in honed, polished, flamed, sandblasted finishes.

Smoky Quartz Slab

Smoky Quartz Slab This quartz slabs are manufactured using quality raw materials. We provide you smokey quartz slab in different sizes, thickness, patterns and shapes. This slabs are appreciated by our customers of the world. This used in Slabs, Countertop, Table Tops, Wall Cladding etc.

Rose Quartz Slab

Rose Quartz Slab Divya Gem Stonex is a unique organisation in the natural stone industry, actively committed to providing an optimum quality of Rose Quartz Slab. We can provide in different shapes and sizes. This is one of the most beautiful stone widely used to decorate any interior.

White Quartz Slab

White Quartz Slab Our team of experts are providing great material to the customers on their demands. we are instrumental in offering White Quartz Slab. Our light weighted, elegant designed, fine finished white quartz slabs are so popular in the market of semi precious stones.

Petrified Wood Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Petrified Wood Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Petrified portions will be cut in round shape slices and rectangular segments. Petrified Wood Stone are used to make wall panels, tiles, and tops for kitchen, bathroom etc. This Slab is also worthy for outdoor uses. Its rich cream colors and large quantities of patterns make it so beautiful. The Beauty and Collectability of Our Petrified Wood Slabs are excellent and attracts our customers to buy this.

Jasper Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Jasper Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Divya Gem Stonex is the largest company of Jasper Stone providing high quality luxury products to the customers. These Slabs can be available with brown, yellow, or reddish and dark or mottled green, orange, and black colors used for wall cladding, flooring as well as furniture uses. Jasper Stone is a nice idea for decorating wall in the home, office, restaurants, bars etc making a comfort feeling.

Tiger Eye Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Tiger Eye Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Tiger Eye Stone is a type of Gemstone that is usually available in a golden to red-brown color, with a glossy luster. Our Tiger Eye Slabs are offered with various sizes, dimensions, thickness and finishes. The application of this slabs are interior walls, interior floors, kitchen countertops, other countertops, wet areas, bath accessories etc.

Semi Precious Stone Table Tops Divya Gem Stonex

Semi Precious Stone Table Tops Divya Gem Stonex We have many standard size of table top whatever you want we will provided your best natural stones. We also produce made to order Table Tops as per the buyer design and necessity. Accessible with us is a qualitative array of incomplete and complete form of expected luxury stones that are broadly used in the structure business.

Malachite Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Malachite Slabs Divya Gem Stonex Malachite Stone is the Queen of Green Gemstone used for design and decor. If you want to give the touch of the green segment to your interior areas, Malachite is one of the famous Semi Precious Stone that has green texture. This Slab can be used to the various interior application areas such as countertops, tabletops, wash basins, sinks, bathtub surrounding and many more.