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Technology News

Here you will find some Technology news that I discovered.
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Key Strategies for Profitable Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics becomes more popular and powerful with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and prescriptive analytics.

A Soft and Tiny Caterpillar like Robot Will Take Medicines to the Human Body

Caterpillar like Robot can pave its way inside the human body and can move efficiently in body line and even through the fluid like blood and mucus

8 Reasons, Why System Integration Is So Important These Days

System integration is not only beneficial to businesses but to clients and end users as well. Benefuts are improvement in revenue, time management and ..

Improve Your Meeting Experience with Smart Video Conferencing Solution

Face-to-face meeting was the most common mode of the meeting which is now stretching out to smart video conferencing, transforming the meeting experience...

How Audio Video Integration and Video Conferencing System Affect Your Business

EISI is offering AV Solution and AV Solutions, Audio Solutions, Video Conferencing System, Virtual Classroom solutions using latest devices..

How New Technology Trends Are Impacting IT Infrastructure

All the major trends, be it IoT or big data, they all require a flexible and highly scalable IT infrastructure to cope up with the new developments.

Are Your Corporate Audio Video System Worth the Investment?

The right investment in audio video system and solution can perform as a catalyst for your investment and will take the profit to its pinnacle

9 Ways School Bus GPS Tracking System Is Making Your Child Transport Safer

We are introducing the safety measures in school management through school bus gps tracking system along with RFID Reader and other systems.

Artificial Intelligence Can Know All About Your Personality from Your Eyes Only

Whether you are sociable, curious or conscientious; Artificial Intelligence can say all about your personality type by detecting how your eyes are moving

Are You Ready To Eat Robot-Made Burger?

In San Fransico, restaurant is ready to serve Robot-made burger to its customer with assertion that no one can differentiate the taste from human-made...

Internet of Things: How It Is Reinforcing Audio Visual Solution

When Av is managed centrally through the best usage of internet of things in day-to-day business, there could be lots of benefits formulated.

What Is the Best Approach for Multi-Cloud Management

Orchestration abstraction may be better choice for multi-cloud management if it also provides some resource abstraction simultaneously....

What Does “Things” of “Internet of Things” Really Mean

The “things” in “Internet of Things” is meant for “assets”, that has an embedded system, unique identifier and has the ability to drive data over a network.

Revolution Of Internet Of Things By Driving On Artificial Intelligence

The internet of things is responsible to make data flow between devices and Artificial intelligence will take the revolution of IoT to a complete new level.

Evolution of Hybrid Cloud From Existing Cloud Computing Models

Hybrid cloud is the next iteration of the cloud computing and is considered as the next level in the evolution of cloud computing technology.

IoT Trends That Would Be Mainstream In 2018

Some of the IoT trends that are contemplated for coming years. Brush up with such trends that would be setting down a pessimistic path for your business.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics: Are They Same?

Business Intelligence is very helpful in making business decisions as per past results whereas data analytics seems helpful in prediction for future.

Augmented Analytics and Its Importance for the Organizations

Augmented analytics is emerging as the replacement of the data scientists and is capable to complete data-to-insight-to-action activities successfully..