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Updated by David Smith on Oct 04, 2019
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Get a round up of all the latest technology developments. Thought leadership on latest development practices, data science and internet of things. Articles by Industry leaders, practical guides and opinions.


Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm -  A Comprehensive Comparison

Kubernetes vs Docker which one should you use? All important aspects you need to know about the two popular container platforms is being covered in this blog.

KSQL- Kafka for Data Processing

A SQL extension for Apache Kafka, KSQL brings down difficulty in stream processing preparation. Understand the imporatance, use cases and how to setup KSQL.

Amazon Reinvent in 4 mins : Top 8 things you should know

In this piece, I will break down all the things you need to know about events that took place, services/products that were launched and how they will impact your business.

Azure Cosmos DB: A Guide to Microsoft’s Database Service

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s latest multi-model database which can be distributed globally across any geographic region. Launched in 2017, Azure Cosmos DB is enhanced over and above its predecessor- Azure DocumentDB. Cosmos DB manages to excel and improvise over other players in the market via adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in terms of their performance including throughput, availability, and consistency. It is available to try Free of charge without any subscription or commitment.

Metadata Management in Big Data Systems: A Complete Guide

Meta data has become a significant component in IT information systems. We lay out principles on managing it effectively with relevant tools.

Outsourcing software development: 9 reasons why it works

Software Development and Outsourcing have become a simultaneously relatable activity and are a new form of business relationship that is getting formed between two entities. Outsourcing is a strategic step which is taken by all non-technical companies and also by technical companies alike.

How to not to screw up when managing an offshore project

You heard? Too many of the offshore software development services projects stuck in the last few years. As per The Aberdeen Group statistics, nearly 30 percent of the projects failed in the past years, even further the failure rate increases to 50 percent when it comes to offshore developers, which is why nearly 1 in 3 projects fails. So what can be done to increase the odds to your success and how?

What to keep In-house and what to Offshore?

Do you have a compelling product idea? Want to build a new product? Are you new to the outsourcing industry? And would like to understand what you should keep in-house and what you should offshore?

There is a very important need to be educated with truthful knowledge about offshoring rather than just eavesdropping rumours about how bad could offshoring be for your business. Here is a quick sneak peek about what steps you should perform before thinking of you require or you don’t require to offshore software development.

Outsourcing Software Development for Innovation | Cuelogic

With the rapidly changing business scenario and cut-throat competition, innovation has become the only way to survive and make your presence felt in the marketplace. For a business, this could mean constantly toying with new ideas, creating dynamic products, and offering exceptional services.