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Top 10 prawn dishes – a versatile dish that can be cooked in many ways

Although prawns and shrimp are used interchangeably in many countries the claws, gill structure and legs of prawns are larger than shrimp. Here are 10 tasty dishes that can be prepared using prawns.


Prawn Biryani

If you're a fan of biriyani and also seafood then this fusion of prawn and rice is something you should try cooking. While you can choose what type of prawns you use when preparing this dish, medium or large prawns are highly recommended. Condiments, sliced up onions and mint chutney to the biriyani to add in more flavour.


Tandoori Prawns

An Indian delicacy prepared with spices, lemon juice and fresh prawns that is the perfect snack for game nights, family gatherings, or to be served on top of rice.


Lebanese spiced prawns

Lebanese spiced prawns are served with Taratour, a sauce made using yoghurt, walnuts, garlic, tahini and either lemon juice or vinegar with cucumber sometimes. The dish is served with caramelised sweet onions to add a flavour and a unique taste.


Spicy Sriracha Prawns with Basil

The prawns used for this dish are deshelled before being cooked in a variety of ingredients such as chilli sauce, green chilli, sriracha, crunchy onions, basil leaves and fish sauce. You'll love this dish if you can't get enough of spicy food.


Karwari Prawns

While most prawn dishes are prepared using oil Karwari prawns is a healthy dish that you can enjoy without guilt or adding to your waistline. Medium sized prawns are covered in turmeric, tamarind water, lime juice before they are dipped in a wheat called sooji and fried till they're nice and crisp.


Garlic Prawns

As the name implies the prawns are marinated using a hot garlic sauce before they are cooked. You can add wine to the pan while it's cooking to add an extra zing and also stop the garlic from overcooking.


Prawn curry

Prawn curry is a popular dish that is offered in most Negombo restaurant and hotel properties similar to Arie Lagoon. The ingredients and the flavour of the dish will vary based on where you try it as it can be prepared using a wide variety of ingredients such as coconut milk, onions, coriander seeds and garlic cloves. The ingredients are added to water and boiled along with the prawns in a pan until they are fully cooked.


Kerala Fried Prawns

Mustards seeds, coconut oil, turmeric, curry leaves and lemon juice are used to prepare this flavourful dish that was created in Kerala, India's spice capital. The dish is filled with lots of Indian spice and makes a great appetizer!


Tempura prawns

A signature Japanese dish that has a crispy batter and is great for house parties because it looks so aesthetically pleasing. The dish can be prepared quite fast as well as the prawns covered in batter need to be fried for less than a minute most of the time.


Thai Fried Prawn

Another prawn dish that can be prepared quickly using sunflower oil, frozen peas, coriander, soy sauce, 2 eggs, a lime slice, spring onions, chopped up pineapples, Thai green curry paste, bamboo shoots, green pepper, pre-cooked basmati rice and prawns. Add the sunflower oil into a wok along with the rest of the ingredients and stir for about 5 minutes before adding in the prawns, peas, bamboo shoots and cook till the prawns are nice and soft. The dish is garnished by a sprinkle of coriander leaves on top and squeezing the lime over the dish.

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