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Updated by Marina Pilipenko on Dec 18, 2018
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15 Best Software Tools for Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

Making the world a better place is a challenging thing: it includes attracting sponsors and donors, running events and campaigns, tackling accounting and taxpaying tasks, and much more. Thankfully, there is special software for nonprofits and volunteers that is built to simplify these tasks, save time, and focus on the organization’s mission instead of drowning in operational hassle.




Aplos is a nonprofit management platform developed specifically for nonprofit organizations and churches. The tool simplifies such procedures as fundraising, donor management, accounting, marketing, and much more, reducing hassle and making the management process easier.
The authors of the app kept in mind that nonprofit leaders are not necessarily accounting or tax professionals, so Aplos was built to help them handle these tasks correctly and confidently. The tool has already helped leaders and employees of over 10,000 nonprofits around the world.


Nonprofit organizations, having limited resources and dozens of crucial and urgent tasks, just cannot afford wasting their work time. Knowing where time goes helps optimize work procedure and eliminate unproductive activities – and here’s where actiTIME helps. Besides, sponsors often require time-tracking data as a justification of their investment. Rich and flexible reporting in actiTIME not only allows to get insights into time and costs of performed work, but also helps collect financial data for accounting and tax management.

With its affordable prices, actiTIME is popular among nonprofits and religious organizations. Many not-for-profit organizations are using this work management and time-tracking solution for keeping record of time expenses and use the data for analysis, work optimization, and accountability. Available on-premise and in the cloud, actiTIME suits process requirements and technical needs of various nonprofits.

Properly organizing employees and volunteers, maintaining documentation, scheduling events and meetings, and handling other organizational tasks is always a challenge – even for businesses, not to mention nonprofits. Boardable helps deal with these tasks: it allows to create people directory, keep all documents in one place, automate meeting scheduling, and build agenda for meetings. The solution is built for nonprofits and offers affordable pricing for teams of any size.


Givelify is a free mobile donation giving app for churches, nonprofits and personal giving. It makes the giving process easier for supporters and donors. With it, there’s no need to send pledge cards, instruct people to text-to-give, or struggle with slow-loading forms on websites. The app allows to create fundraising campaigns with your custom donation goals, track donations for taxpaying, and make the donation process clear and transparent.


Developed by people with rich work experience in nonprofit and fundraising organizations, EveryAction is a tool that helps organize interactions with supporters, sponsors and prospects. The tool allows to create and send emails with integrated donation options, organize online fundraising, reach influencers, communicate with supporters in social media, and prepare reports on achieved results.


SlickPie is a simple and affordable accounting solution for small businesses that also suits the needs of many nonprofit organizations. It allows to send invoices, keep track of costs and expenses, and manage tax payments. The tool simplifies accounting procedures for those who are not proficient in accounting – which is mostly the case with nonprofit managers and employees.


MoneyMinder is an accounting solution for volunteers and nonprofit organizations. It is made for people who don’t have accounting experience to make cost management, tax and billing procedures easier. The solution is approved by accountants and CPAs: while being simple, it includes all accounting features that a nonprofit organization needs. The tool also has a non-editable event log that allows to see what actions have been done, when, and by whom, providing transparency and traceability.


A fundraising CRM that allows nonprofits to engage donors, build relationships and organize communication, keep donation records in one place, manage events, and track growth with informative reports. DonorPerfect streamlines donor management, administrative operations, marketing activities, and event management. The tool helps accomplish fundraising goals faster – and with less effort.


Kindful offers powerful features for organizing data, managing donors, and maintaining efficient communication with supporters. The tool allows to keep donation history – both online and offline, track results of your email campaigns, and monitor history of interaction with your contacts. It also can connect to fundraising tools to accept and store donations, and organize campaigns. Among other integrations, Kindful can connect to QuickBooks, Stripe, PayPal, MailChimp, Shopify, and other software.


DonorView is a comprehensive organization management tool for nonprofits. Its features include managing contacts and tracking details of members, donors, volunteers etc., maintaining communication with supporters, organizing peer-to-peer fundraising and tracking fundraising progress, conducting surveys, running social campaigns, and much more. It also allows to set up online donation and track the data on received funds.