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Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for our clients and provide exceptional in-home care services to seniors, the disabled, or anyone requiring compassionate, caring living assistance while remaining in the comforts of their home.

How You Can Help Aging Parents Who Refuse Care

Aging is a natural part of life. At this stage, senior individuals will have visible changes in their appearance and capabilities.

Engaging In-Home Care for Your Aging Loved Ones

When your loved ones reach old age, they often go through changes that affect their daily living.

Home Care Services | In Home Care

As a provider of home care services in Warren, Michigan, we aim to help your loved ones remain at home by offering them the highest level of care possible.

How Can You Benefit from Homecare Services?

These are services that are designed to improve your overall quality of life through personalized care in the comfort of home.

What You Need to Know When Looking for Superb Home Care Services

There are a number of different factors to keep in mind when it comes down to finding exceptional home care services in Warren, Michigan.

3 Challenges Seniors Face at Home Alone

If you are experiencing these problems or know a loved one who is going through these ordeals, it is time to consider home care.

Top Care Needs After Getting Out of the Hospital

Receiving hospital care and attention is undoubtedly a major need of our loved ones who are sick or in need of serious medical attention. However, their care post-hospital time is equally essential. What happens to them upon the recovery period can determine whether their condition is progressing or not.

5 Tips: Ensure That Granny Is Eating Nutritious Meals

Whether you’ve been keen on your senior loved one’s nutrition or not, this need remains to be vital in a senior person’s overall well-being. After all, food can provide our bodies with the essential nutrients they need. Being able to eat the right kinds of food is therefore important in their aging season.

The Perks of Recovering at Home

After undergoing major surgery or if you are recovering from a serious injury, you will usually be given two options. You can choose to recover at the hospital or you can opt for personalized home care services in Warren, Michigan. If you choose to recover in the comfort of home, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of advantages such as personalized care, improved comfort, and even faster healing.

Home Care Services for Senior Citizens

Living in your golden years can be a wonderful time. Without work to worry about our responsibilities, you will finally have the time and the means to pursue the many things you love. This can be hobbies, building that classic car, or simply relaxing. However, you will still have the same day-to-day chores such as cleaning, doing the laundry, and preparing meals. These tasks are not only boring but they can add to your stress and reduce your quality of life. So what are your options to attain an easier and better life in the aging season?

Make Your Recovery at Home More Efficient After Surgery

Congratulations! Your surgery was successful! Now, all you need to do is breeze through your recovery with flying colors. In order to achieve that with ease, Precious Time Non Medical Home Care Concierge Services, LLC suggests that you should:

5 Ways You Can Prevent Hospital Readmission

To secure your full recovery, Precious Time Non Medical Home Care Concierge Services, LLC advices for you to:

3 Signs that Your Grandparent Might Need Home Care

Home care services are mainly provided for the support and management of a person’s activities of daily living in their own abode. While this is typically provided for seniors, other persons with special needs and disabilities can also benefit from home care assistance. However, for this post, we would like to zero in on our aging loved ones.

Are My Grandparents Getting Too Much Sleep?

Sleeping is an important component for your aging loved one to have quality life. However, sleeping problems can also be experienced by many seniors due to being light sleepers. Without having sufficient sleep, they can be at risk for other health complications even as lack of sleep signals a more serious health situation.

A Quick Guide to Senior Care

Is this your first time to provide care to a senior? If so, you do not have to be worried about it! As the leading provider of In-home care in Michigan, we know just the exact tips and advice you have to know in order to carry out your duty efficiently.

Seniors Hub: Important Bathroom Safety Checklist

The bathroom is one of the most hazardous places in your house. It is where most seniors experience accidents like trips, slips, and falls. Because of that, it is very important for you to make your own bathroom a safer place for your loved one. As the trusted provider of Home Care Services in Warren, Michigan, we have seen the great significance of a secured bathroom environment for the well-being of the senior population. This is why we are providing you with some important tips and advice when it comes to bathroom safety:

Why Eating Healthy Is Beneficial for Seniors?

Healthy eating remains to be a great need for older adults. Now that their immune system declines through the years, the added nutrients from well-balanced meals can be very helpful. These nutrients will augment the nutritional requirements vital for a senior’s overall health.

What Activities Can Seniors Enjoy Indoors?

Even indoors, our aging loved ones can still find many activities to enjoy doing. Whether they do these activities with family caregivers or providers of Home Care Services in Warren, Michigan, the availability of these options can improve their quality of life.

Tips: Preventing Falls When Recovering at Home

The risks of falling can double for a person who has just been hospitalized. So if your loved one is going to be discharged soon or has just been discharged, it is important to set preventive measures of falling.

What Should You Ask a Doctor During Your Checkup?

Regular checkups are important especially if the person is in their golden years. Whether the checkup is routine or follow-up, this can help improve their health and wellbeing.

Caring for a Person with Dementia at Home

Dementia is a common condition among the elderly. It’s a condition where a person’s memory gradually falters, and cognitive functions diminish. Dementia symptoms can intensify over time, posing a problem in terms of caring.

Home Care Services You Can Utilize

Caring for a senior loved one is a tough job. You might find yourself juggling different responsibilities all at once until one falls and breaks. Don’t wait for this to happen before you consider seeking extra help. Precious Time Non Medical Home Care Concierge Services, LLC is here to lighten your load, may it be short-term or long term. We are a leading provider of home care services in Warren, Michigan. We are dedicated to providing premium services that help our clients live a better life despite health and age limitations.

What You Need to Know About Respite Care

Providing care for a loved one is extremely fulfilling. However, it is also an overwhelming responsibility. We cannot deny that caregiving requires boundless energy, unwavering commitment, and infinite compassion. While most of us can take off from work with little to worry about, caregivers do not have this luxury. Respite care is specially designed to finally provide a caregiver a break from all of these.

Helping Seniors Return to their Everyday Life

Certain factors affect your senior loved ones to lose their independence, especially when they are finally discharged from the hospital after staying there for a long time. With so many helping hands surrounding them, they tend to get used to relying on other people that help them with small tasks. That is why by the time they return to their own homes, keeping up with their daily activities can be a tough job for them. A highly reliable Home Care Services in Warren, Michigan is the only one you need when it comes to helping your loved ones return to their everyday life, along with these other tips

Sedentary Lifestyle: Causes and Effects

A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle involving little or no physical activity. A person living in this type is often sitting or lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games, or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day.