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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Jul 18, 2019
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These 9 iPhone app development myths need to be broken today

You may cross a number of news and writings there will be many myths about iPhone app development. These will be pertaining to language, approach, tools, etc. So now the question is which are some of the biggest iPhone development myths? We have listed down a few which are considered by the top ios app developers to be the most important myths that need to be broken at the earliest.


Myth 1: It is better to have complex codes:

Some mobile app developers believe that more complex the code better will be the app. This is not true. It is high time that the developers understand the importance of simplicity. Also, developers must understand the importance of the tools and frameworks that are offered by Apple.

The developers must make use of the framework that Apple offers in their mobile app development. Apple has done a lot of research to develop these frameworks. They have checked what works and what does not work and then developed these apps.


Myth 2: The biggest challenge is technology:

Technology challenges can never be tough for god ios app developers. They will always find it very easy to write the code and to develop the app. The main challenge is to understand the human mind. Developers already know technology. It is more important and difficult to understand what the customer wants. The biggest challenge is to develop and deliver an app which is as per the customer demand.


Myth 3: Only in certain architectures clean code can be written:

This again is not true. Clean codes can be written in any architecture. It is only important that the developer is aware of the limitations. Some app developers feel that using certain architectures is going to give you messy results and will hamper user experience. What is important is to do thorough research before you make use of different architecture and understand the limitations properly.


Myth 4: You always need to follow the Apple limitations:

This is not true. Apple develops apps with different needs in mind. When you are developing an app, your requirement is different. Use Appleā€™s existing frameworks but make use of your own creativity to develop apps that are truly different and as per the user requirements. Keep in mind that you are here to find a solution to a problem for which you need to make use of your knowledge.


Myth 5: Use of SWIFT programming language is a must:

Some of the best iPhone app developers feel that in order to have a successful and good app they need to make use of SWIFT. This programming language was developed by Apple to develop apps for different iOS devices. This is an easy programming language. It is an open source programming language. But that does not mean that you can only make use of SWIFT to develop one of the best apps. Developers can make use of other programming languages in order to develop a good quality ios app. Use of other languages does not necessarily mean that you will get an app which does not have good quality and which does not give good user experience.


Myth 6: ios developers can only work on ios apps:

This again is not true. Developers must never label themselves. They must keep in mind that they are developers who are good at writing any type of codes. You may be a specialist but do not get tied down in these limitations. You need to expand your horizons. Your aim has to be to form apps and find solutions to problems.


Myth 7: Every offer of app development has to be accepted:

You have worked hard to become a specialist developer, and hence you need to get paid well for the projects. If you think you are getting peanuts for your efforts, then it is time to move on. It is not necessary that you must accept each and every offer that comes your way. You can reject offers that do not appeal you, or those that you feel are not paying you as per your skills.


Myth 8: It is always going to be easy to build the first version:

Do not be under this impression. It will all depend on the app that you are building. There are times when the first version can get ready in just one week while there are some apps where the developer will need months. It all depends on the convolution of the app. The important thing here is to concentrate on the quality of the app and here time does not matter. Even if it takes a little longer, it is fine but develops the best app. But make sure that your customers do not have to wait for the app till eternity.


Myth 9: Once the application development is done your job is finished:

It is not just about the development of the app. Once the app development is completed there are a number of things that you have to do. You may have the best app, but you need to reach out to audiences. Your apps positioning has to be perfect. You need to generate revenue from the app. In some cases, you will have to do the updates and upgrades for the app. This means that this is a never-ending work and you need to focus on it properly if you want your app to be successful.

Overall what one needs to remember that for iPhone app development one needs to use the iPhone framework, but one also needs to be creative. It is important to overcome the general misconceptions that many developers have about Apple app development. It is necessary that they have a broader approach when it comes to the development of the iPhone app. Only then they can create the best iPhone app which is as per the user requirements.