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Yoga and it's Benefits

Practice Meditation to Rid Addictions - Yoga Practice Blog

By Faye Martins

How can meditation rid addictions? With Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras we are taught the higher value of meditation. Yet, Hatha Yoga classes are filled with people who focus on the physical body. You can’t blame the masses for taking care of themselves physically, but the mental and emotional Yogic benefits are worth consideration. Yoga meditation is being taught to support groups for the purpose of eliminating addictions.

Is Power Yoga for Beginners? - Yoga Practice Blog

By Kimaya Singh

It is an exciting time for yoga students and teachers, with so many different types of yoga classes offered today. However, we must not forget the importance of choosing the right class because not every class is one-size-fits-all. Some classes are geared toward beginners, while others require prior knowledge of poses. Students who attend an advanced class without knowing the associated risks are putting themselves in a position for potential injuries.

Yoga Teacher Training: Yoga Poses for Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can impact a person’s quality of life, but a strong asana practice can relieve some of these symptoms. Thank you Faye Martins for writing this useful article.

Yoga Teacher Training: Yoga Sequences - To Change or not to Change

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Best Yoga Techniques for Back Injuries - Yoga Practice Blog

In the case of back injuries, there are many Hatha yoga techniques for the reduction or elimination of pain. One method is the use of yoga asanas for...

Yoga Poses to Release Tension in the Hips

Yoga poses for muscular tension in the hip area also reduce lower back tension. When our lower backs are tense, our neck and shoulder...

Four More Yoga Posture Safety Tips - Yoga Practice Blog

It is possible to either cause an injury or exacerbate an existing injury if not mindful during the yoga practice. Here are four more...

Yoga - Hip, Healthy and Heading for Hundred

Yoga is an ancient science originating from India. It has many different forms, but in the western world Hatha yoga is the most well...

Yoga for Preschool Children - Yoga Practice Blog

Yoga for preschool children should be in short, 15-minute sessions. Explain some of the philosophies behind yoga in terms that children...

Teaching Yoga: Yoga Techniques for a Lesson Plan - Yoga Practice Blog

Teaching Yoga requires a certain level of commitment, both to yourself and the students who are learning from you. Just as life is always...

Yoga Teacher Training Courses - Yoga Practice Blog

Most Yoga teacher training courses are comprehensive and geared toward people that already have a fair level of knowledge about Yoga...

Advantages of Distance Learning Yoga Courses

One of the biggest advantages of distance learning yoga courses is convenience. People with busy schedules are able to squeeze learning...

Yoga Body Shaping Secrets for Your Weekly Routine

Body shaping is not an exact art. Athletic bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Those who lift weights have bulky chests and arms; runners have lean legs...

Yoga Poses for Snowboarders: Warming Up - Yoga Practice Blog

Practicing Yoga poses before a great day of snowboarding is important in order to warm-up all of your muscles and ligaments and to prevent...

Health Precautions for Kids Yoga - Yoga Practice Blog

It is important for trained yoga instructors and medical professionals to understand any health precautions associated with kids yoga...

Teaching Yoga: Observing Yoga Classes - Yoga Practice Blog

After observing, it is important to talk to the yoga instructor about what you observed. Perhaps he or she can give you some more specific information...

Yoga Poses to Impress - Yoga Practice Blog

Once you have selected your location, it is time to consider which yoga asanas will be most effective. Choose yoga poses in which you are...

A Sample Yoga Class Sequence for Children - Yoga Practice Blog

Children can begin to feel the positive results of a yoga class, making them more likely to choose yoga as a lifelong activity. Yoga...

Why Are Yoga Props Important? - Yoga Practice Blog

There was a time, when I was young, that I thought Yoga props were for people who were in need of them. As a young Yoga teacher, I was...

Teaching Yoga: The Power of Observation - Yoga Practice Blog

The Yoga teacher who turns his or her back to students, while teaching a group has decided to perform rather than partake in teaching yoga.

Teaching Yoga: Demonstrating Yoga Techniques - Yoga Practice Blog

The difficulty and complexity of Yoga techniques can range from quite simple to potentially complex. One of the tasks of a Yoga teacher...

Meditation During Childbirth for Emotional Health - Yoga Practice Blog

Does meditation during childbirth have benefits? Few people would dispute childbirth as one of the reigning champions in the area of human pain.

The Value of Yoga in Everyday Life - Yoga Practice Blog

Yoga, as an age-old system, has always been a practical science of living which teaches us the tools for a balanced, harmonious life. It is a system...

Intermediate Pranayama Exercises for Trauma Survivors

One of the key elements to using Yoga as a therapeutic tool to heal traumatic memories is to remember practice pranayama throughout your Yoga practice.

Yoga Poses to Boost Immunity - Yoga Practice Blog

If you find that you get frequent colds during this time of year, you may want to consider incorporating Yoga asanas that are therapeutic...