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Must-Read Books by 10 Amazing Mental Health Bloggers

These inspiring bloggers have risen above the challenges they've faced in their own lives to share their personal stories, poetry, novels, and ideas with the world.

You can find my reviews of these books on my blog:


Birth of a New Brain: Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

After the birth of her baby triggers a manic maelstrom, Dyane Harwood struggles to survive the bewildering highs and crippling lows of her brain’s turmoil. Birth of a New Brain vividly depicts her postpartum bipolar disorder, an unusual type of bipolar disorder and postpartum mood and anxiety disorder.

During her childhood, Harwood grew up close to her father, a brilliant violinist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic who had bipolar disorder. She learned how bipolar disorder could ravage a family, but she never suspected that she’d become mentally ill—until her baby was born.

Harwood wondered if mental health would always be out of her reach. From medications to electroconvulsive therapy, from “redwood forest baths” to bibliotherapy, she explored both traditional and unconventional methods of recovery—in-between harrowing psychiatric hospitalizations.

Harwood reveals how she ultimately achieved a stable mood. She discovered that despite having a chronic mood disorder, a new, richer life is possible. Birth of a New Brain is the chronicle of one mother’s perseverance, offering hope and grounded advice for those battling mental illness.

I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction

I Am The Architect of My Own Destruction is a collection of greeting card/Tumblr quality poetry about stars, dark personal feelings, survival, suffering, flowers, healing, existential thoughts, mental illness, melancholic love, and self-love.

I am the Stars in the Sky: Finding light in the darkness

Focusing on human emotion within themes of fear, despair, isolation, change, peace and hope, Karen's poetry takes you on an inspirational journey through the darkness and into the light.

Drawing on her feelings surrounding her cancer diagnosis and treatment and from living with depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Karen's words bring to life a myriad of emotion culminating with a message of hope for the future.

If I Could Tell You How It Feels: My Life Journey With PTSD

If I Could Tell You How It Feels is a series of essays and poems about living authentically with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Alexis Rose takes us on a journey into the reality of living with triggers, flashbacks, and the challenges of working through trauma. She writes with intimate vulnerability about the tough subjects of family, friendships, loss, grief, parenting, and therapy.
With a sense of universal hope and honesty, the author collaborated with artist Janet Rosauer to add a dramatic and soulful dimension to many of the chapters.

Whether you are a survivor, someone living with a mental or chronic illness, a professional working within the mental health industry, or you are simply interested in learning more about the intricacies of living and thriving with PTSD, this book will provide new insights and an appreciation of this invisible illness that affects millions of people around the world.

I Walk with a Limp: My Personal Journey as a Trauma Survivor

I Walk with a Limp: My Personal Journey as a Trauma Survivor is filled with heartrending and inspirational prose and poetry. Barbara is a survivor of family violence, incest, and rape. She has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder and was declared permanently disabled since May 2007 by the Social Security Administration.

Through personal stories, reflection, and poems, Barbara illuminates the many challenges she has faced while working through issues such as hypervigilance, low self-esteem, poor body image, bulimia, and alcoholism.

In her collection, Barbara shares with us her experience as a survivor and what she has learned as she continues her path of healing from trauma. Her goal is to help other survivors understand that they are not alone in their struggles and to empower them to find their own voice. Her words help to educate others about what it's like to live with PTSD and ease the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Barbara's message is one of perseverance, courage, and hope. She offers the reader a glimpse into how she has discovered her inner warrior, learned to work through her fears, and strengthen her spirit as she strives to live an authentic life.

Living with Vaginismus: Dealing with the World's Most Painful Pleasure

This book is about personal first-hand accounts of pelvic pain through the eyes of women, men and myself. For 8 years, I have struggled with vaginismus and began a blog, The Girl with the Paw Print Tattoo, to spread awareness about this condition to others. I have compiled some of my passages into this journal, along with interviews from others who suffer from vaginal pain.

The purpose of this book is to shed light on an important topic and continue to spread awareness about vaginismus and other female sexual dysfunctions.

Not Afraid to Be Real: A Poetry Collection

More than just a poetry collection, "Not Afraid to Be Real" is a raw, honest, down-to-earth look at what it is like to be human. Within these pages you will find poems representing a wide variety of subjects, including the ups and downs of romantic love, the everyday frustrations we all face and the overwhelming grief felt by those who have lost a loved one. Of course, there are some lighter, more humorous poems to lighten the mood as well, so go ahead and dive in! Recommended for ages 13+.


The only girl in a family of seven brothers, Patricia Grace found her childhood violently stripped away in the wake of her father's death. Her brothers became tormentors, using their little sister as an outlet for rage and lust. Her mother, reeling with grief and fighting to raise eight children on her own, turned a blind eye to the abuse. Patricia learned to play the loving sister, desperate to maintain the illusion of a happy family even as shame grew like a cancer inside her.

Now, after decades of silence, Patricia is telling her truth. Shattered is the astonishing story of a girl coming of age in a house of secrets, and her battle as an adult to make peace with the past. Patricia relays her struggles with weight, depression, and self-esteem with searing honesty and rich emotional depth. Her unsparing prose paints an intimate portrait of courage and hope in the bleakest of circumstances. More than a memoir, Shattered is a testament to the healing power of truth-telling and the resilience of the human spirit.

Thriving Not Surviving: Bravely Pursue a Life That Will Blow Your Mind!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your life right now exactly the way it is? If you can’t honestly answer 10 then this book is for you! You can go from surviving, just getting by day to day to thriving and living a life you never imagined. This book will show you how!

Using practical insights along with personal stories of struggle and success, this book will:

  1. Help you commit to moving your life to the next level, whatever that level is for you.
  2. Demonstrate four strategies to change your thinking that will lead you toward success
  3. Provide actionable steps to reprogram the thinking that has been holding you back.

From the moment you begin to shift your thinking, you will be able to create new habits that will transform your life into the one of your dreams! Start NOW!


Marilyn has never been a normal teenager. After a suicide attempt lands her in the hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, the other patients sense her psychic abilities and ask her to join their late-night society. As Marilyn intuits their past lives, a chilling pattern emerges. Have the members of the Table shared previous incarnations?

In this mind-bending psychological novel, nothing is at is appears to be.