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Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a major issue for both men and women. It can be temporary or permanent. Hair Loss Learning Center guides its users about hair loss, its causes, and treatments.

Effective Hair Loss Treatments and Physicians

Hair Loss Learning Center is a place for all hair loss sufferers who are looking for information on hair loss; it's causes, medications, products, and treatments. Visit us to find the latest hair restoration treatments and interact with the best hair transplantation doctors

Most Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss is one of the issues that both men and women are worried about. Become aware of the myths you believe and understand the actual facts.

Beneficial Hair Growth Products That Work

There are innumerable products available in the marketplace that claim to prevent hair loss. It is difficult to choose the one that actually works.

3 steps to regrow hair in your 20s!

Going bald can have a deep, psychological impact on men of any age, but especially in young men in their 20's. In this article, we will discuss a few options that will provide you with the tools to fight hair loss and win .

Hair Restoration Shampoo & Conditioner

Discover the best shampoo for hair loss and regrowth. Choose from the many hair loss treatment options and transplants to topical drugs like rogaine. Find which treatment method is best for you at Hair Loss Learning Center.

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out ?

The best solution for hair loss is to regularly wash your hair with best regrowth shampoo.

Do Hair Loss Home Remedies Actually Work?

You can work from home, do your taxes, and even make money at home, but can you treat hair loss? Click on the article to find out.

What's The Perfect Age/Time To Have A Hair Transplant

Hair loss affects millions if not billions of men and women worldwide. So many hair loss shams and scams exist that many hair loss sufferers believe that there is no real answer. Luckily, surgical hair restoration has become a real solution for the majority of people suffering form hereditary hair loss. However, what is the perfect time and what is the best age to have a hair transplant?

Does PRP Stop Hair Loss?

Many hair loss treatment centers are touting PRP as a revolutionary treatment for hair loss, but is it true? Click on the article to find out.

WORST Hairstyles For Bald Men

Hair loss can make some men go in to complete denial, it’s as if they never looked in the mirror. While seeing a man with a terrible comb-over can be humorous, its actually sad that some men are that delusional. If you’re dealing with hereditary hair loss make sure you keep reading.

Best Hair Transplant Results

Read the Real hair regrowth documented in monthly pictures by our patients. Ask your questions or share your own hair loss journey and hair restoration experience with us. We help you find the world’s leading hair restoration physicians.

Is Breezula The Real Deal?

Is Breezula the next Propecia? Or even better. In this article, we will be discussing Breezula (clasceterone) as a potential treatment for hereditary hair loss.

Shedding After Having A Hair Transplant is Normal

We’ve all seen our precious hairs slowly going down the shower drain or woken up to hairs scattered all over our pillows. The mere sight of hairs going down the drain is enough to cause panic in most hair loss sufferers, but what about shedding right after a hair transplant is it normal? Well, keep reading. 

Different Types of Alopecia

Baldness can either be caused by alopecia or autoimmune disorder. Alopecia is one of the most common forms of hair loss both in men & women. Alopecia has many different types that everyone should know.

Hair Loss Concealers Instant Hair In Minutes

Society today is all about instant gratification, so how does hair loss concealers provide instant results? Click on the article to find out.

Is it possible to regrow hair?

If you’re trying to regrow hair that you’ve lost or would simply like to improve the hair that you have, try these treatments or remedies that might regrow hair back on the scalp.

Will You Suffer From Shock Loss If You Have A Hair Transplant?

The mere words “shock loss” strike fear into the hearts of hair loss sufferers worldwide. The thought of looking even balder after surgery is enough to send many running for the hills, but how likely is shock loss to occur? Keep reading.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Discover the types of Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems which includes Platelet Rich Plasma PRP therapy for hair loss, Mesotherapy, Laser Hair Stimulation and more. Find a Quality Hair Replacement System with Hair Loss Learning Center!

Can Adenosine Reverse Hair Loss

Adenosine has been touted as a ointment that has been clinically proven to be more effective in treating hair loss than Rogaine (minoxidil), but is it true? Click on the article to find out.

Is One Hair Transplant Enough?

The vast majority of people assume that hair transplant surgery can completely restore a bald head into a full thick and luscious head of hair. Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong. While surgical hair restoration is the only option to restore hair on a bald scalp, it is subject to some physical limitations. The question on everyone’s mind is whether one hair transplant will be enough to restore the appearance of a full head of hair. Keep reading the article.

How Vegan Diet Helps Hair Growth?

A Veganism diet offers multiple health benefits including hair growth by curing several problems. Let us have a look at how it contributes to healthy hair growth.

Is Saw Palmetto As Effective As Propecia For Hair Loss

Saw palmetto has been touted as the "natural" Propecia, which is a pretty bold claim. But is there any truth to this? In this article, we will be discussing saw palmetto as a hair loss treatment and comparing saw palmetto and Propecia (finasteride).

Can Nizoral Shampoo Treat Hair Loss?

Here is all that you need to know about Nizoral Shampoo. Nizoral shampoo consist of a strong anti-fungal medication known as Ketoconazole can treat hair or scalp problems.

Top 3 Worst Hair Transplant Candidates

Today, surgical hair restoration is a refined technique that when done right is virtually undetectable even under close inspection. However, not every person is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. In fact, some individuals make terrible patients for a variety of reasons that we will explain in detail.

Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure and its cost

Understand the process of tattooing thinning or bald areas of the scalp to resemble shortly cropped hair with Scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Discover its cost, pros & cons, working, and Scalp micropigmentation before and after results.