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Personal Injury Law

The latest news and updates from an experienced personal injury legal firm in Michigan.

Personal Injury Accident Lawyer Michigan

Since 1998, the personal injury attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire PC have worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality legal advice and legal representation for those hurt in accidents in Michigan.

Attorney for Car Accident Michigan

The Michigan auto accident attorney that you choose to represent you in your car accident case is the often the difference between getting a fair settlement or no settlement. We are the smart choice for your case. Here's why.

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

We have all seen the advertisements and websites for Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers who tell us that they are "lawyers who ride." Should that be important to you in choosing your motorcycle accident lawyer? Of course not.

Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Our Michigan truck accident lawyers fully investigate the causes of a truck accident for our clients. While some of the causes of truck accidents may seem obvious, like simply rear-ending another vehicle, there are numerous other truck accident causes that may not seem so obvious.

Bus Accident Attorneys Michigan

Our Michigan bus accident injury lawyers represent clients injured in mass transit accident cases. These bus accident cases involve all different types of buses, including public buses (like SEMTA, Detroit Department of Transportation, The Ride, Ann Arbor Transportation Authority), school buses, and private charter buses (like Greyhound).

Drinking and Driving Accidents Michigan

The Michigan drunk driver accident lawyers at our firm represent injury victims against drunk drivers and the establishment that served the alcohol. Motorists and pedestrians injured by Michigan drunk and intoxicated drivers have legal rights against the negligent driver and often also against the bar, restaurant, or establishment that served the drunk driver the alcohol that caused the intoxication. This is called a Dram Shop case. The establishment that served the alcohol can be sued for furnishing an intoxicated person alcohol before they got behind the wheel of an automobile.

Michigan Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Our Michigan pedestrian accident lawyers and Michigan bicycle accident injury attorney represent victims of these accidents on streets, highways, and roadways. We also handle bike injury and pedestrian injury clients from accidents in parking lots and in crosswalks. Settlement claims can often be filed for their personal injuries as a result of a Michigan Wrongful Death claim in pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

The Michigan slip and fall lawyers at our firm have obtained significant settlements and jury verdicts in a variety of premises liability claims. Under Michigan law, the owner or possessor of property has a duty to make the premises reasonably safe for its invitees. The failure to take proper preventive action often leads to serious injuries. Property owners usually deny responsibility for the negligent practices and we step in to hold them accountable for your injuries.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Michigan

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers represent victims of dog bites and animal attacks in cases throughout Michigan. We represent a wide range of clients in these cases, including children, postal workers, and utility workers.

Sports Accident Injury Lawyer

The Michigan recreational accident injury lawyers at Buckfire and Buckfire, P.C. represent clients injured in all types of recreational activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Medical Malpractice Michigan

If you or a loved one were injured or harmed due to medical malpractice, a medical mistake, or a hospital error, our Michigan medical malpractice attorneys can guarantee that you have been unable to get direct and honest answers to your questions as to what went wrong from the doctors or hospital. All you want is the truth and we will get it for you.

Birth Injury Attorney Michigan

Raising a healthy child is difficult enough, but raising a special needs child poses additional significant challenges to parents. A child born with cerebral palsy or birth injury will often require both specialized education and housing accommodations, not to mention the significant lifetime medical expenses. And who will take of your child when you are no longer able to do it?

Medical Negligence Attorneys

Placing your family member in a Michigan nursing home or extended care facility was one of the most difficult choices you ever had to make. When you finally made that decision, you set out to find the residence that would provide a safe environment and the most nurturing care possible. You trusted your loved one to the staff of that nursing home.
You may have gotten the dreaded phone call that "there was an accident" or "we had to take him to the emergency room." Or, you may have seen the injury or bedsore yourself, only to be told or "we don't know how it happened." When that happened, you felt betrayed and rightfully so. You can do something about it.

What is Wrongful Death

Our Michigan wrongful death lawyers have achieved tremendous results for clients in Michigan Wrongful Death Cases. The Michigan wrongful death statute permits family members and relatives to obtain compensation for their losses, including loss of society and companionship, loss of support, and economic loss. The estate of the deceased individual can also be compensated for his conscious pain and suffering.

Brain Injury Lawyer Michigan

A traumatic brain injury or closed head injury results when there is either an actual blow to the head or a force that causes an acceleration-deceleration movement of the head. The brain strikes the inside of the skull causing either localized or generalized damage. It is not necessary for a person to lose consciousness to suffer a brain injury, despite this contention from most highly compensated insurance company doctors.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Michigan

Our Michigan spinal cord injury lawyers represent clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries in all types of accident, injury, and medical malpractice cases. These include Michigan auto accidents, truck accidents, Michigan motorcycle accidents and from all other types of trauma. Other cases include falls from scaffolds and even diving injuries into swimming pools and lakes. In order to provide the best possible representation and understand the future needs of the client, your spinal cord injury attorney must fully understand the causes and treatments for spinal cord injuries.