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Bitcoin News

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Wealthbuilding Guru States Bitcoin Hodlers Have a ‘Problematic Mindset’

In his perspective, the reason several crypto traders insist on struggling through bad market durations is due to them, the act of making an investment in crypto assets is no longer the easy investment decision that it has to be, however, is rather part of their identity, which makes them double down on losing positions in place of making the rational decision to exit the market.

Bitex: The Exciting World of Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitex is the first locally implanted cryptocurrency-based bank. It offers crypto-based digital services to its customers all across the globe. This leading platform has a great impact on society.

Electronics Giant Samsung Files for Blockchain-Related Trademarks for Smartphones

Samsung is planning to make its access into the ‘blockchain mobile phone’ market following the latest release of HTC’s Exodus 1 and Sirin Labs’ FINNEY.

5 Best Altcoin in 2019

Downfall of Altcoin cannot be connected to any reason, as being said that in 2019 there will be 5 best altcoins in 2019 which will make you earn more money.

Griffex :The Digital Asset Exchange And Investment Platform

Griffex is a rapidly growing number of initial coin offerings (ICO) has led to more than 2,000 new cryptocurrencies being created and traded on daily basis, leading to high returns for many investors (Co vesting).

Scientists Turn Copper Identical to Gold, Bitcoin Will Replace Gold as Store of Value

Consistent with SCMP, scientists team at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Liaoning have evolved a technique to show reasonably-priced, ample copper into a substance that is identical to gold, carrying out what alchemists have for loads of years believed could be a gateway to endless riches.

Mining Giant Bitmain Pauses Operations on Bitco... - Xnews - Quora

Bitmain being China-related leading mining and mining ASIC hardware producer has supposedly its mining operation in Rockdale, the public radio station Texas Public Radio publishes on Jan.10. Situated in Milam County, Rockdale lies in the east of Austin, in the United States state of Texas.

Russian Human Rights Commissioner Looks For UN Assistance to Banish Alexander Vinnik

Russia's Commissioner for Human Rights has questioned the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to assist extradite, Alexander Vinnik, the former operator of now-defunct crypto exchange BTC-e, from Greece to Russia.