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Updated by Marjorie Clayman on Oct 10, 2017
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Your Favorite Posts of 2012

I have told you my 100 favorite posts. Now it's your turn. Add a link to the favorite post of yours and your favorite post from someone else!


The Dark Side of Content Marketing - Aren't you THE Tom Webster?

Tom Webster knocked the cover off the ball with this post back in November, Easily one of my favorite posts of 2012.

My 100 favorite posts of 2012

I\'ll start with the last post I wrote - highlighting my 100 favorite posts of 2012 :)

Facebook on track to dominate the semantic web - Sean McGinnis

Facebook is poised to dominate the next iteration of the web (commonly referred to as web 3.0 or the semantic web) in the same way, and for the same reasons that Google dominated web 2.0.

Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated

My favorite post this year. Probably not my best post, but one of the most timely and important, I think. ~ Jay

The Weaponization of the Social Web And How To Deal With It - SideraWorks Blog | SideraWorks

Loved this post from Amber Naslund at Sideraworks. One of my favorite this year

One Entrepreneurs’ Quest Toward Collaborative Philanthropy

An absolute favorite post of mine 2012 ~ though it did not get the traction I had hoped for this innovative approach to #nonprofit

Giving Constructive Feedback: Eight Leadership Essentials

BY Lisa Petrilli ~ I noticed it was written in 2011 BUT I read it again & again in 2012 ~ so I hope it counts.