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A list of Omani dishes you must try – sample the delicacies of Oman

If contemplating a holiday to Oman, then you will be met with a unique opportunity to try out its diverse and exotic culinary scene which is an element that forms an essential part of the local culture.



Often coinciding with the celebration of local traditions and religious ceremonies; the Shuwa is a form of grilled meat that is prepared by locals according to a tried and tested method. Cooked in an underground oven, this dish sees a vast range of spices included and marinated before being wrapped in banana leaves and left to cook in a not so conventional oven of sorts.



Majboos is seen as a mixed rice dish that originated in Saudi Arabia and presently retains a special place in the hearts of the Omanis. Oozing tradition and flavour from beginning to end, this delicacy features a combination of basmati rice, chicken or meat and vegetables. To cap it off, Majboos is usually served with either yoghurt, green salad, tomato sauce and traditional bread.



Yet another mouth-watering dish which finds its way into Omani households especially during the time of religious observances. Meshkak also referred to as kebab lets you indulge in a selection of your favourite meats that include chicken, beef and mutton which are smeared in the richest of local spices before being grilled to perfection.



Should you be in the mood for grilled fish then you have certainly chosen the best destination for your next holiday. This is owing to the fact you will not be able to find a better place on earth that prepares that grilled kingfish better than here in Oman. Made to a special recipe, the fish is tossed in a spicy hot lemon sauce that only adds to the flavour of the fish. In the event you are residing at a Salalah beach resort such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, then you will not be too far away from tucking into one of the country's most talked about culinary spectacles.



For a sweeter take on the dishes of Oman that one must not miss out on, Halwa which is considered amongst the most famous of desserts in this part of the world is an excellent prelude into everything sweet and sugary. Though the delicacy can be easily mistaken for being chocolate because of its colour, Halwa represents a strong texture which is browner in appearance. As is the case with most local dishes, traditional spices are included in its preparation along with rose water, sugar, honey and eggs.


Omani Laban

Meaning 'sour milk' in the Arabic language, Laban is a beverage that is served in all parts of the country and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Made of buttermilk and yoghurt, Omani Laban is always accompanied with a choice of mint, cardamom and cumin which makes for a truly traditional twist for those of you wanting to give your taste buds a holiday of their own.

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