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7 Types of People You Meet in Komodo Diving Liveaboard – Patisseriephilippe

For an avid diver, there no adventure as thrilling as submerging yourself underneath the deep blue sea, swimming against swift currents and gliding through the water with hundreds of fishes. Underwater scenery can get even more vibrant when you dive around Komodo’s world class diving sites, which located right in the heart of coral triangle. The ocean is brimming with chromatic corals, fishes, pelagic, and other exotic creatures who enjoy the protection of the National Park. One of the most popular way to enjoy Komodo’s underwater beauty is by having a multiple day trip with Komodo diving liveaboard.

Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience for Couple Rounded Up - Lcxinyuan

If a heart-shaped circle of red roses petals encircling giant “I Love You” letters made of another dash of rose petals with dozen candles in between doesn’t really include in your dictionary of romance, then you maybe you need something fresh to keep the sparks lighten up. For you who thinks candle light dinner with dress and tux is cheesy, we are sure that tropical holiday won’t fail you. After all, nothing screams a romantic holiday than remote sugary-sands destinations and crystalline waters of Komodo, a hidden haven in Flores frontier, Indonesia. And here, we don’t only have white sands beaches, but also the rare blossoming pink beach that gonna make your couple trip even more cheery.

A Just A Usual Morning in Boat Charter Komodo | Pictalopro

When the word of Komodo begin to spread to the world, many travelers has long been planning to take boat charter Komodo for their exploration. Out of other traveling modes in Flores, boat charter are probably among the best. By renting your own boat, you are free to determine the length of your sailing trip, pick up your favourite  destination, and arrange your own itinerary. No need to compromise with strangers on boat because you (or your group) will be the only one to reserve the boat.

Senior Travel Tips for Sailing with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo | Aaron-fieldAaron-field

Labuan Bajo’s breathtaking views on undulating lush hills and outlandish wildlife seems to have charmed everyone who’s keen to explore the world, and senior citizens are no exception. It’s been previously common to see the elders taking their leisure time on Labuan Bajo’s infamous sister , Bali. Now, Bali and Labuan Bajo is just one hour flight away, and we see many senior travelers begin to expand on their little tropical expedition. But here’s the thing; unlike Bali, Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park is naturally a rough adventure. It’s remote, it gets minimum (and legit limited, given their conservation status) infrastructure, and it’s only accessible with water transportation. Means that you will embark on a sailing trip with a Liveaboard Labuan Bajo. On the good side, sailing on Komodo is exciting and truly eye-opening! But everything has downside, and when you might have concerns on liveaboard choice, safety, trip schedules, and level of comfort that you are willing to compromise. Here are some special considerations to keep in mind if you have Labuan Bajo on your destination list. 

Effective Packing Tips for Holiday in Komodo Boat Charter | Aaron-fieldAaron-field

What do you feel when you are about to sail with Komodo boat charter? Elated? Happy? Too excited to even pack your luggage? In the midst of excitement, it’s easy to overpack things—or maybe even under pack and forget essential things. When it comes to packing for a tropical holiday, you might think of the basics: sunglasses, sunblock, shorts, swimsuits, flip flop, and maybe sundresses. If this is your first time to go to sailing trip, there are some items that you might not think to pack in your bag. Below, we have gathered few essentials that would make a great help during your holiday in Komodo. 

What Will You Find in Komodo Liveaboard Budget - Pinkvisualpass2

Depending on the travel modes you wish to embark in, liveaboard in Indonesia could range from cheap simple boats to pricey luxurious yacht. The Komodo National Park, with its strings of islets and rich water beneath, is one of the most popular place to embark on a liveaboard sailing trip. And  just like any other part in the country, you could always find a range of liveaboard class on this region. That’s being said, if you don’t think 5-star hotel service is that necessary, you would find excellent liveaboard in much lower price which offer the same island excursion and dive experience as the fancier yachts. Most importantly, the authentic experience of exploring the raw world of Komodo would be the focus and the safety would still be kept on international standard. So we say, why don’t you try Komodo liveaboard budget for the best value? You might have to cut all the high-end facilities, but you would have the same exposure to the nature and the essence of the trip would largely remain the same. 

Komodo Boat Trip: A Gateway to Unruled Paradise | Ghflicks

The Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, is just the right place where you should thin about some South East Asia boat trips. The national park is comprised of more than 20 strings of Jurassic-looking islands that’s completely wild and free from mass civilisation, separated by brilliant blue water in between. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of boats in the dock of Labuan Bajo and the merry seamen who operate these beautiful phinisi schooner. You could always hop on one of the boat and embark to the tropical Komodo boat trip that would take you to the essence of adventure, and here’s a glimpse of this idyllic holiday

This Is How Good the Foods on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo | Ohiobirthinjuries

You cannot expect something grandest than the luxury liveaboard Komodo to sail on this breathtaking national park. Their superb food is one of the reasons.

A Retreat to Lost World with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo | Notredame

There are places in the quieter corners of the earth that seems so unreachable, yet so tantalising with bright blue waters, barren islands, and empty beaches. Places that, in a mere glimpse, would evoke your inner wanderlust almost instantly. The recently famed Komodo National Park is one of them. Sit in the borderland of eastern Indonesia, the Komodo looks like it just transported from the lost world. But you might think that Komodo is—no matter how appealing—is just too rugged, too far, and too of out reach. Wait until you discover that Labuan Bajo, the gate and port town to the national park, is brimming with dozens of Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo that are so ready to take you into spectacular adventure in this isolated frontier.

The Best Benefit from Komodo Liveaboard - Offensefilms

One of the best benefit from sailing with Komodo liveaboard is that you have the luxury of time. No time wasted for sailing back to Labuan Bajo and to destinations. Find other benefits here

3 Indonesian Islands to Go with Komodo Yacht Charter | Thesnapchattv

Gorgeous, remote, and preserved in nature’s finest taste. We are talking about Komodo National Park, Lombok, and Raja Ampat. Some Komodo yacht charter even offer an extended trip to the two other destinations at one single sailing? I bet that would look like having tropical heaven galore.

Here’s Why Surf Camp Spain Is Cool to Have This Summer | Aaron-fieldAaron-field

There’s nothing like catching cool waves in a bright day at sunny country. Across all Europe, Spain is one of the best country to enjoy a surfing holiday. Spain is blessed with beautiful sceneries, delicious delights, and long coastline boasting stunning beach breaks, shallow reefs, and long barrelling points. Surfing is a huge culture in Spain, where surf shops line up its popular beaches and surfing camps flourish along the coastline. If you are picturing some beach time and rolling waves to fill this summer, joining a surf camp in Spain could be a brilliant idea, and this is why. 

Scuba Diving Vacations: What Beginners Have to Do - Offensefilms

The combination of idyllic holiday destination, a handful of beach time, and wonderful aquatic life makes scuba diving vacations so appealing, even for beginners. Scuba is practically a holiday for true escapist. It’s where you can forget all the busyness of the upper world, packed roads, and crowded attractions. Scuba diving holiday take you to plunge into an entirely different world. A world of blue where you could only hear the sound of the waves and the bubbles. The world under where chromatic corals gets very lively with swarming fishes, pelagic, turtles, and other wild oceanic creatures. If you are a total newbie to this, don’t worry. Here’s how to do your very first scuba diving vacations. 

Why You Should Learn at Surf School Portugal | Patisseriephilippe

So you have been bitten by the idea of riding waves on gleaming saltwater reflecting the rays of the sun. You have heard about Portugal and its famous World Surf Reserve. It’s undoubtedly a beautiful destinations and you’ve heard people talking about Portugal being one of the best place in the world to learn surfing. But if this is your very first time on surf adventure, you’ll want to have guidance from the expert. Going to surf school Portugal is an obvious option, and this is why you’ll love every bits of it. 

Best Diving in Bali Tips for All - Shamrocktemecula

Everyone can have the best diving Bali experience. It doesn’t mean visiting only the best dive sites. It’s about how to make an awesome dive trip.

Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: How to Better Conserve Air | Seguridadconjusticia

Air is the most important thing that enables us to visit the underwater, and here are some technique to better preserve them. Learn it during your scuba diving lessons for beginners.

Three Sites to See in Tulamben Diving Other Than Wrecks | Aaron-fieldAaron-field

Tulamben used to be an unknown little village in remote east coast of Bali and now it grows into one of the busiest diving hub in the island. The Tulamben was totally off the radar before the discovery of USAT Liberty shipwreck, a sunken military ship from the World War Ii era. The shipwreck settled on a sloping seabed in 3 m depth that goes down to 30 m below, making it as the most accessible shipwreck in the world. Tulamben diving is popular for beginners who just make their first dive in Bali due to it’s low currents, high visibility, and easy entrance. despite of being one of the most well known dive destination in Bali, Tulamben remains as a humble little village—the diver crowds don’t turn it into a packed little town like Kuta, Seminyak, or Canggu. 

What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip | ResortselvagemResortselvagem

Lies hidden in little humble fisherman village in the northeast of Bali, Amed has constantly been charming divers from all around the world with its wonderful marine life under the waves. This quiet village is slowly developing as one of the most prominent diving hub in Bali. More and more dive centre enlisting Amed to its major dive tour destination—as well as opening dive offices in the village. Dive resorts start to pop up in this beautifully quiet village, offering a tranquil escape from the busier parts of Bali. More divers, with their dive suits and hanging fins, are seen among fisherman around their traditional ‘jukung’ boats in the beach. So if diving in Amed is enlisted in your travel wish, here’s what you need to pack before going there. 

Pro Tips to See Manta Ray Nusa Penida! | Seguridadconjusticia

Cruising in the open ocean, manta ray always look so graceful flying beneath the water. The gigantic body doesn’t represent their soft heart. The giant manta rays are always so gentle towards the marine life around them—even to curious divers around them. The plankton-eaters could grow up to 7 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and they continue to be the highlight of diving for many divers. The phenomenal Manta Ray is not easily seen at just any part of the world. But luckily here in Bali, they love the currents that run from Timor to Bali and are seen almost all year round. One of the best place to spot the Manta Ray is Nusa Penida where they are frequently seen in squadron! So if meeting the ocean’s gentle giants is in your bucket list, don’t stop reading and follow these tips. 

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo - Aingoshop

So you have heard about the exceptional beauty of Komodo National Park and its otherworldly diving sites. The Komodo, which gets famous for its gigantic terrestrial predator the Komodo Dragons, might seems dry and rugged on its surface. However, the everything changes to blooms of shapes and colours once you submerge into the underwater. The ocean floor is bursting with life—hard and soft sponges competes for spaces, colourful anemones and sea fans swaying with the currents, and million of fishes darting round and about. The Komodo lies conveniently at meeting points between two currents, driving plenty of planktons which the marine life feeds and thrives. Komodo diving is very popular among visitors—lots of professional divers and diving enthusiast purposefully embark to a trip to this remote destination just to relish on its underwater showcase. Here are five safety tips you should follow if you plan to visit this lovely destination in your next holiday. 

Komodo Snorkeling: What You Don’t Want to Do - Newbalancestoreinc

Snorkeling in the Komodo is one of the most popular activities to do beside the famous walking-with-dragons. The crystal clear, bright turquoise water of Komodo looks as if begging any snorkelers to take a plunge right there and right now. However, there are certain things you need to notice if you want to submerge into Komodo’s precious underwater wonderland.

What Set Tulamben Apart from Other Bali Diving Sites | Pcattendancesystem

The Tulamben might not be as photogenic as Gili Meno’s underwater circle of sculptures or as phenomenal as Nusa Penida with its rare Manta Rays and Mola Mola sunfish. Above the water, the Tulamben is neither as vibrant as Canggu or as posh as Seminyak district. Tulamben is a humble, simple fisherman village in the northeast coast of Bali. No fancy coffeeshop, no Bali-iconic white sandy beach (the sands here is black!), no frilly beach shops lining up the streets. So what makes Tulamben so special? Why hundreds of diver flock to Tulamben each year? Well, these are unique things Tulamben has that set it apart from other diving sites in Bali.

How to Get the Best of Snorkeling in Manta Point Komodo! | Aaron-fieldAaron-field

One of the most attractions in Komodo is snorkeling in the Manta Point, exploring the bright and clear water with the most graceful giants in underwater world. The waters of Komodo National Park receives huge streams of planktons from both the Pacific Ocean in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south. This results in plankton-rich water where the Manta feast upon. The Manta Point near  Taka Makassar is the popular hangout station of Manta Ray in Komodo. Divers and travelers alike flocks to Komodo for a gleaming hope of swimming with this elusive, majestic creatures. Before you go, here are few things you need to know to snorkel with Manta Ray

What to Do Next Summer: Exploring the Manta Point Nusa Penida - Schoolvolunteersnyc

Have nothing to do for your summer vacation? Head to Manta Point Nusa Penida in Bali to watch squadron of big Manta Rays “fly” across the ocean!

What You Need to Know for Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners - Offensefilms

A through guide for preparing scuba diving vacations for beginners — from initial planning, making reservations, to gear packing.