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Headline for You Matter: Suicide Prevention Apps, Tools, & Resources
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You Matter: Suicide Prevention Apps, Tools, & Resources

In moments of mental health crisis, it's important to have multiple tools in your toolbox to help you stay safe. These apps and other resources will help you to set up a safety plan and identify techniques that you can use you if you're feeling suicidal.

Silence is not the answer. No matter how hard it is, it's better to get help. Planning ahead makes that easier.

ASK and prevent suicide

Texas Suicide Prevention Council is proud to announce a small iPhone App for suicide prevention which is freely distributable everywhere.

This app was developed from a non-proprietary suicide prevention training program called ASK (ASK about suicide / Seek more information / Know where to refer) which was also developed by the Texas Suicide Prevention Council. The suicide prevention app is supported by the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Also available is the Hope Box app:
Texas Suicide Prevention Council’s Hope Box contains messages, contact information, pictures, and scrapbook to store personalized information that promotes mental wellness and can aid persons in a mental health crisis. By providing a mobile environment, users can have immediate access to their safety resources.

The Suicide Safer Hope app is also available. It offers practical tips for concerned parents and adult family caregivers for keeping families suicide safer.


Be Safe is a mobile app that aims to help young adults make a decision about seeking help in a crisis.

The Be Safe app:

  • Allows users to create a digital safety plan
  • Informs users about mental health and addiction resources in their local community
  • Directs users to the best options for their needs though a decision-making aid
  • Creates a personal 'get help script' that helps users find the words to reach out
  • Empowers the user to reach out safely
BeyondNow – Your suicide safety planning app

The BeyondNow suicide safety planning app helps you stay safe if you're experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis. Your safety plan starts with things you can do by yourself, such as thinking about your reasons to live and distracting yourself with enjoyable activities. It then moves on to coping strategies and people you can contact for support – your friends, family and health professionals.

Convenient and confidential, the BeyondNow app puts your safety plan in your pocket so you can access and edit it at any time. You can also email a copy to trusted friends, family or your health professional so they can support you when you're experiencing suicidal thoughts or heading towards a suicidal crisis.

This Coping With Suicidal Thoughts resource includes a safety plan template.

Create your Beyond Now safety plan online - Beyond Blue

Pick a time when you’re feeling calm to create your online safety plan. Ideally you should review it with your health professional or support person. Your safety plan should include things you find helpful, as well as what to look out for or avoid.

DMHS Suicide Prevention app - Durham Mental Health Services

The DMHS Suicide Prevention App is a free app designed to provide information about suicide intervention, suicide prevention and mental health resources. It also provides direct link to a 24-hour telephone support C.A.L.L. (Crisis Access Linkage Line), as well as many other community resources.

This app has 6 main areas that contain helpful information:
o Feeling Suicidal? Think Someone is?
o Being Helpful, What to Say
o Safety Plan & Resources
o Youth and Young Adults
o Adults & Seniors
o Need Support? In Crisis?

Find the ZSA Zero Suicide Alliance training

Here you will find the training on offer by the Alliance, from our Step Up Module, which offers insight into how to engage someone who may be socially isolated, to the Gateway module which introduces suicide as a key factor for community health and safety...

Get Help Now - The Trevor Project

Get immediate help 24/7/365. You are not alone. Trained crisis counselors are just a text, chat, or phone call away. Completely confidential and always free.

Home - Reporting on Suicide

Suicide is a public health issue. Media and online coverage of suicide should be informed by using best practices. Some suicide deaths may be newsworthy. However, the way media cover suicide can influence behavior negatively by contributing to contagion, or positively by encouraging help-seeking.

My Coping Plan

We all feel stressed or distressed from time to time. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to think clearly and make good decisions. A coping plan is a personalised tool to help you cope when you become distressed. This app gives you a space to store your coping plan, so that it is accessible whenever you need it.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is the go-to suicide crisis line in the United States. 1-800-273-TALK


*ReliefLink is an innovative free app developed specifically for suicide prevention and more generally for improving your mental health that brings confidential and supportive help right to the palm of your hand!

ReliefLink enables you to create a personalized profile that includes pertinent information such as your mental health professional’s contact info, insurance coverage, and current medications. Track your mood and thoughts daily, create a safety plan, make a list of reminders (e.g. appointments, take medication, etc.) and check out the unique coping methods such as voice-recorded mindfulness and relaxation exercises or simply enjoy relaxing music!

Need to find mental health help near you, especially in a crisis? Use the Map Locator to find the closest hospitals or other mental health treatment facilities. You can also find help through the therapist and support group links.
**Use the Emergency button to view options such as Call 911, Helpline, Counselor, and more.

And for encouraging messages or up-to-date mental health news from the ReliefLink Team, follow us on Twitter @relieflink!

The ReliefLink App was developed for the purpose of entry into the SAMHSA Suicide Prevention: Continuity of Care and Follow-Up Mobile App Challenge in August 2013. The app won 1st place in the contest in September 2013 and was presented at the White House.

*This is app is a supplemental tool to help the user manage his/her daily mental health, monitor suicidal feelings and thoughts, and offer options for seeking help. It should not be used in place of professional mental health or medical help.

**The ReliefLink team urges anyone having a medical emergency to call 911 immediately.

Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen

Samaritans works to make sure there’s always someone there for anyone who needs someone. They're a national crisis service in the UK.

Shareable Images — AFSP

There is no single cause to suicide. It most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has resources to learn more about suicide and ways to help.

Stay Alive Suicide Prevention App | Grassroots Suicide Prevention

This app is a pocket suicide prevention resource for the UK, packed full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide.

In addition to the resources, the app includes a safety plan, customisable reasons for living, and a LifeBox where you can store photos and memories that are important to you.

You can also read the strategies for staying safe, explore the tips on how to stay grounded when you’re feeling overwhelmed, try the guided-breathing exercises and support your own wellness by creating your own interactive Wellness Plan.

The app links you directly to local and national crisis resources, so you won't need to carry around slips of paper with contact details on, it's all stored there within the app. If the resource isn't listed, simply add in your own.

Staying Safe

The Staying Safe from suicidal thoughts website allows you to create a safety plan electronically or download a template. There is step-by-step guidance in creating a safety plan, including a video with a mental health activist walking you through the safety planning process.

Straight Talk on Suicide - Mental Health @ Home

Suicide is a difficult subject, but we need to talk about it. This page includes resources and straight talk from someone who's been there.

Straight Talk on Suicide - Mental Health @ Home

Suicide is a difficult subject, but we need to talk about it. This page includes resources and straight talk from someone who's been there.

Suicide? Help!

Suicide? Help! - An information website as well as an Apple and Android app for people who are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone else.

Suicide Lifeguard – MIMH Professional Training

Suicide Lifeguard is a FREE app intended for anyone concerned that someone they know may be thinking of suicide. It provides information on:

• How to recognize warning signs of suicide
• How to ask about suicidal thoughts and/or intentions
• How to respond and
• Where to refer

Features include:

• Immediate connection to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

• Specific resources for:
o Military/Veterans
o Those who identify as LGBTQ
o Spanish speaking individuals
o Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing

• Direct access to national and Missouri resource websites

Suicide Prevention App for Android and iPhone - MY3 -Suicide Prevention App for Android and iPhone – MY3

With MY3, you define your network and your plan to stay safe. With MY3 you can be prepared to help yourself and reach out to others when you are having thoughts of suicide.


  • create your support system
  • build your safety plan
  • access important resources
  • get support at times of greatest risk
  • access the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7
Suicide Safety Plan

Suicidal thoughts can seem like they will last forever – but these thoughts and feelings pass with time. This app is designed to support those dealing with suicidal thoughts and help prevent suicide.

Having a plan in place that can help guide you through difficult moments can help you cope and keep you safe. A safety plan is designed so that you can start at the beginning and continue through the steps. You can customize your own warning signs that a crisis may be developing, coping strategies for dealing with suicidal urges, places for distraction, friends and family members you can reach out to, professionals you can call, methods of making your environment safe, and your own important reasons for living.

If following your safety plan is not enough to stem a suicidal crisis, then this app also contains an easy-to-access list of emergency resources so that help is just a tap away. For long-term recovery, we provide a thorough guide to dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Developed by MoodTools
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The Download Centre – Mental Health @ Home

The Safety Plan for Suicide Prevention helps to guide people with mental illness through identifying warning signs and ways to intervene to maintain safety.

The Download Centre – Mental Health @ Home

Feeling Suicidal? A Workbook for the COVID-19 Era is a guide to safety planning for people who are feeling overwhelmed by difficult circumstances.

The LifeLine App - The LifeLine Canada Foundation

The LifeLine App; Free for iPhone and Android, has a wide array of Resources, Tools and Information portal by The LifeLine Canada Foundation (T.L.C.)