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6 important facts to concern on selecting a wedding venue – How to pick the perfect venue

Picking the perfect wedding location can be a daunting task as there are several factors that you have to consider. Here are 6 of the factors you should consider when picking your venue.


Is it big enough?

Before picking your wedding venue you have to come up with a rough estimate of how many guests you'll be hosting and who you'll be inviting. If you're going to be inviting your extended family, close friends and work colleagues you may want to consider getting a large hall as this is an occasion that will be talked about in the years to come and you don't want people complaining that they were cramped up and didn't have enough room to have a good time. Leaving adequate space room for the food tables, the dance floor and the band or DJ will also depend on the number of people you invite.


The ceremony

The next thing you'll have to worry is if you'll be hiring a wedding coordinator or if you'll be planning everything on your own. If you're opting for the latter then you'll have to ensure that you plan everything down to the last detail and entrust coordinating the details during your wedding to someone you trust as you can't be looking into each and everything while you're getting married. You may even want to check if there is an alternative location at the venue in case the hall or area you've reserved cannot be used for whatever reason to limit the delay that'll be caused when shifting venues.


Band or DJ?

This is an important question that is answered by the crowd you invite as you have to cater to the majority of your guests. You can totally skip this question by opting for both but doing this could be quite costly as this would require you to hire a sound co-ordinator to ensure that all the equipment can work in conjunction with no delay.


Décor and reception

Making sure the décor and the theme that you picked out blends in well with your venue is another question as you have to ensure that you can assemble and dismantle your décor with minimum effort or causing any damage to the venue. If you're going to have an elaborate lighting system then it's advisable to hire a lighting co-ordinator to come and install it rather than entrusting that to the staff at the venue. Getting a floor plan of your venue before planning the set up is advisable as you'll have an idea of how much freedom you have to move around things and customize the venue to your needs.


Food and beverages

If you're hosting your wedding at one of the wedding hotels in Sri Lanka in the calibre of The Tamarind Tree Hotel, you'll be able to choose from a list of pre-existing food menu's based on popular demand. You may want to do a taste check at a few locations before deciding on your location, however, to ensure you're not in for any nasty surprises. Purchasing alcoholic beverages and chasers in bulk using one vendor who'll be able to offer you a discount is cheaper if you're hosting your wedding at a hotel or resort as buying bottles from the venue can be quite costly.



This is something that you won't have to consider unless you're planning a destination wedding or you're inviting friends from far away. If it's the latter you can always get them to stay at another of your friend's place or book them a room at a hotel nearby. If you're hosting a destination wedding then you'll have to consider a day that most people can take leave from work or don't have other personal or religious commitments.