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List of tips before traveling internationally

Travelling internationally and exploring unseen places is undisputedly one of the most exciting things to do so here is a list of tips to remember before you travel internationally.


Health and insurance

It does not matter if you have money if you have the vacation mindset and time away from work if you are not fit to travel then going abroad is out of the question. It is a must to go meet your doctor if you are on any regular medication. Especially to discuss the conditions in detail and about the medication, you will need for the duration of your travel period. If you don't have health insurance then consider getting one, because traveling for an extensive period of time is always better when you have health insurance. Hotels such as Sedona Hotels & Suites are well equipped with the ability to provide the support the customers would need when it comes to health and other matters, so it also depends on lodging and the country you are travelling to


Copies of the passport

Make several copies of the passport, take several copies with you and keep one in your main luggage and one at the hotel. Depending on the country and location you are travelling to, you need to decide if it is safe to leave the passport copies behind at the hotel or not. If you have selected one of the more popular luxury hotels & serviced apartments, you would not have to worry as your belongings will be safe in the room. It is also important to keep one back at home and go in case your passport gets stolen along with your belongings when you need to be able to prove your citizenship and provide the necessary documentation. If you are travelling for an extensive period of time it is also advisable to register with your embassy so that in case of an emergency there is a formal form of communication.


Find out currency rates

Be mindful to look up the monetary conversion before you head to the country. When you know this, it will make it easier for you to know how much money would be required for the trip. Blindly exchanging money for different requirements will not allow you to keep track of your expenses during the trip. If you are travelling on a budget, knowing the exchange rate will help you immensely to plan the activities, the food, shopping, and the lodging.


International credit cards and phone service providers

Most banks require you to contact them and inform them about your travel plans so they are aware it is not fraud. Communicating these details such as the country and duration you are travelling to will also allow you to understand the possibilities and limitations if there is any concern regarding the usage of the card. Make sure you also call your telecommunication service provider so that they are aware of your whereabouts and are able to provide you with any benefits and information to make travelling easier for you.


Have change money

Be mindful to have some change money from the local currency of the country you are travelling to, as this will make getting from the airport to the hotel or resort easier. Especially if it is your first time in a certain country, it can be easy to get caught to fraud which can be easily avoided, if you have some change money on you to get about on your own.