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Our blogs stay ahead of the curve and provide the most valuable and useful tool for your business. We focus on connecting and sharing timely and relevant information with customers.

ERP for Textile Industry

ERP for textile industry provides complete end-to-end management solution for textile manufacturers. Textile management software brings in every business operation into a unified database.

ERP for Paper Industry

ERP for Paper Industry comes as a wizard tool for quality production. Manufacturing ERP for paper industry helps in bringing qualitative forth to every manufacturing activities in paper business.

Odoo 12 Website Builder

Odoo 12 website builder comes with the most advanced and robust feature that any business look to start their online front. Odoo 12 comes intuitive, no matter what industry they are applied.

How to Create a Module in Odoo 12

Setting up a new module in Odoo is simplified with version 12. This blog traces you through the mechanism of how to create a module in Odoo 12.

How to Create Qweb Reports In Odoo 12

Create a custom report in Odoo using QWeb reporting engine. QWeb reports in Odoo can help business in large, providing inquisitive reports on all business operations and activities.

Odoo 12 CRM

Odoo 12 offers a simple yet powerful CRM tool for efficiently managing the customers. One can seamless manage the sales under Odoo 12 CRM and look after the leads/opportunities won or lost.

Odoo 12 Accounting

Odoo 12 accounting features makes accounting and finance simpler and easily accountable. Odoo 12 accounting features enable all that features that can run your business seamless and error-free.

Odoo 12 Helpdesk

Odoo Helpdesk comes as an efficient tool to manage customer service. Odoo 12 Helpdesk can leverage your team’s productivity.

Redefine your E-commerce with IoT

Redefine your E-commerce with IoT. Leverage IoT technology to transform the business operation to higher excellence, greater productivity and faster growth.

ERP System for Startups

ERP for startup is an inherent part for excelling business services. enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining business operation and boosting business ROI.

Secret Sauce of Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP well suits the businesses with its easiness, affordability, and modularity. Odoo remains comprehensive with its integrated module system.

How to choose the best accounting software

Best Accounting Software is important for both small business and large business. Best accounting software triggers best financial management in businesses.

ERP implementation Cost (Odoo Implementation)

ERP implementation Cost (Odoo Implementation): This blog post discusses the different cost types associated with an ERP implementation. If you are in the planning stage of ERP installation, this blog

Odoo 12 Document Management System

Odoo document management system works well for both mid-sized and large organizations. Odoo documents streamline every communication.

Odoo 12 CRM

Odoo 12 offers a simple yet powerful CRM tool for efficiently managing the customers. One can seamless manage the sales under Odoo 12 CRM and look after the leads/opportunities won or lost. - Online Editor got with new online editor feature. Online Editor enables the end user to edit the source code of their builds from a web.

Server monitoring using Grafana and Prometheus

This blog defines how grafana and Prometheus be used in monitoring the basic system performance at its core level.

Business Benefits with Odoo 12

The business benefits in Odoo 12 are large. It encompasses robust dashboards, superior bar code system, easy file management, better product configuration, advanced accounting and more. Business benef

Odoo Manufacturing V12

Odoo Manufacturing V12 comes with lot of usability features like manufacturing with pick/putaway, BoM Structure and Cost, BoM based on variants and more. Odoo manufacturing comes as a part of integrated solution, suiting all business types.

How Odoo Helps Running a Restaurant?

Odoo restaurant management software is all-inclusive. Integrated with accounting and inventory module, it is the best restaurant management system.

Is your ERP doing well to your business?

Is your ERP doing well to your business? This blog defines you the key signs that signify it’s time for your business to move to another ERP framework.

Why Start-Ups Should Opt CRM Software?

CRM for startups is a must for executing better client relationship leading to client maintenance over the long haul. It is CRM that keeps business going.

Paypal Configuration in Odoo

Odoo ERP comes with many built-in payment acquirers. This blog defines the process of configuring Paypal in Odoo ERP.

Product Comparison Tool in Odoo eCommerce

Odoo E-commerce brings cheers to modern business as it helps in facelifting the online face of business. Product comparison tool adds more feathers to it.

Odoo Gantt View

Odoo Gantt View: This blog takes you through an interesting application- Gantt View for Scheduling, which can be implemented at your business place for efficient and smart management of business proje