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Updated by Komal Karnani on Dec 04, 2018
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Mental health

What is mental health and why you should not ashamed of it.

Harness the Power of Anxious Mind | ZistBoon

We should use anxiety as the fuel that drives us towards the completion of the work in hand. The sense of urgency that an anxious mind creates (though a false urgency at times) actually benefits us in work completion. Anxiety is not a curse. It can be a boon in disguise.

Understand People With Anxiety | ZistBoon

There's more to anxiety than this simple one-lined definition. Anxiety is like a smoke monster, it lurks behind them. Understand anxiety.

To The Depressed People, It’s Time To Finally Love Yourself | ZistBoon

How do you fight to stay alive when your brain is telling you to kill yourself? You really don’t know where your mind is stuck but you don’t want to get

Mindful Techniques to Stop Overthinking and Start Living | ZistBoon

You speak less, but you think a lot. Your mind is a big obstruction that doesn’t allow you to live a peaceful life. You think obsessively about your future, can’t get over from the past trauma, take too much time for taking decisions; you have a problem of over-thinking.

This is How You Can Overcome Overthinking | ZistBoon

Everything tastes sweet in small amounts. The problem with overthinking is that you can think yourself to death. While, on the surface, over-thinking may

Simple and Effective Tricks to Stop Overthinking | ZistBoon

One may argue that thinking about stuff in advance is a good quality, but over analyzing and over-thinking about things over which we have no control is

This is How You Can Calm Your Anxiety Storm | ZistBoon

Anxiety is not something that leaves your place in one day. It enters slowly and will leave gradually. The inner chaos is a ladder of which every ignored

It’s Anxiety and It’s More Than Worrying Too Much | ZistBoon

The restless nights of sleep, your worst nightmare overpower your brain, you tried hard to stop, but you keep over-thinking. You think it could be

Let’s Talk About Depression: It’s More Than Just Being Sad | ZistBoon

Sadness is a natural response to something that happens outside of yourself, it comes, and it goes. It’s a temporary feeling, you feel something is